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BWL writes and wins tender for contractor bidding into the UK Houses of Parliament

BWL writes and wins tender for contractor bidding into the UK Houses of Parliament

Client employer industry: Specialist Enabling Works – Asbestos Removal (Lot 5)

Client contract value: £8M (Overall estimated framework value of £80M)

Scope of works:
BWL has a very successful relationship with a key client who delivers specialist enabling works solutions, including asbestos removal, demolition, land remediation and passive fire protection to the construction, and regeneration sectors. The client intended to bid for a project with the Houses of Parliament Intrusive Surveys Framework for the removal, transportation, and safe disposal of asbestos. The sites range from the historic Palace of Westminster and the 1980s QEII Conference Centre. The works take place in a heritage environment that has significant constraints on access and appropriate approvals, working methods within the building, and high levels of security.

The tender was of significant strategic importance to our client, so BWL assigned a dedicated Bid Manager for full end to end management and a supporting Bid Consultant for the technical quality submission. BWL undertook a full review of the documentation and submission requirements, highlighting areas where any existing content could be fully utilised from a shared cloud facility. The ITT, aligned to a framework wide NEC4 programme scope, consisted of a series of quality questions covering Methodology, Resource Management, Managing Change, Risk Management, Security Information, Health Safety and Welfare, Economic Inequality, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

The Bid Consultant produced a storyboard for each response for the bid writing phase; making sure to not only answer the question/requirement but also align to the specification and contractual obligations.

A project-specific ‘Teams’ site allowed us to share and discuss storyboards and draft documents with the client in real-time and infill gaps with evidence and resource and technical information.

Once responses were in final draft form, the Bid Consultant handed the submission over to the Bid Director for in-depth evaluation and proofreading; a quality check is undertaken on every bid we develop for accuracy and continuous improvements. Post-review, all responses were then sent to the client for a final examination before the submission date.

Our client received the news in December 2021 that they had been successful and thanked BWL for the bid support received in securing a 4-year framework (plus option for a further 2 years) contract valued at £8M.

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