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Expert bid writing consultants

BWL’s bid writing consultants are previous bid managers and senior bid managers from a variety of sectors and industries. They have been headhunted, assessed, and employed for their specific bid management and bid writing experience and expertise.

Our bid writing services team undergo continual training for bid best practice, including APMP Proposals Management and APM Project Management. This means our team is equipped with the skills to support any type of project in any environment, and for any organisation.

As a testament to the bid writing services we provide, BWL was awarded the EU News/Irish Enterprise ‘Best Bid and Tender Service Provider 2021’ and the Global 100 Awards ‘Best Bid and Tender Services Provider 2022’.

How our bid writers work with you

Whether you need a dedicated bid writer or a full bid writing team for a live bid, guidance on storyboarding, or help with presentations for tender or dialogue meetings, we will work with you to tailor our tender writing service to fit your specific needs. We are more than just a company that provides bid writing services; we are a trusted team of experts, whose knowledge and resources who can help you thrive through ad-hoc support and flexible arrangements to manage your opportunity pipeline.

As part of our tender writing services, we’ll assign a dedicated senior bid writer or team of senior bid writers as your point of contact – supporting you with their expertise, contract and industry knowledge, and acute understanding of what the evaluation panel will be looking for.

Your appointed bid writing team will immerse themselves into your organisation to understand how you operate, how your subject-matter experts best convey information, and how they can apply their expertise and bid writing skills to the requirements of the submission.

Using industry best practice, formal bid plans and trackers, request matrices, and digital meetings, our team of senior bid writers efficiently obtain the information we need to develop your responses. We can work with a single point of contact or a range of subject-matter experts within your organisation.

Bid writing best practice

Our senior bid writers assist in developing key win themes, devising bid writing strategies, highlighting core competencies, and developing them into compelling narrative that resonate with the buyer’s evaluation committee to achieve high scoring responses. The bid writing team will ensure your bid is structured against the question requirements, meets scoring criteria, and articulates your solution to result in a winning bid.

As part of our bid writing services, we also employ a senior bid consultant to review responses against your client’s requirements before we return them to you. This means all bid writing material we either create or assist you with will meet the high standards we hold ourselves to.

We push the boundaries to gain competitive advantage

As part of our tender writing services, we use a series of processes to help you gain a competitive advantage in the tender process. This includes:

  • Developing win themes and hot buttons aligned to your client’s needs and your company’s strengths.
  • Identifying opportunities in your industry to get a step ahead of the competition.
  • Drawing out key aspects of your solution and the benefits it delivers to your client, clearly defining your value.
  • Using psychological techniques to draw on the conscious and subconscious minds of the evaluators.

Sector-specific bid writing services

Our bid writing team has a wealth of cross-sector knowledge, including:

Visit our sectors page to read more.

Bid Writing Services FAQs

What does a bid writer do?

Bid writers, or proposal writers, are skilled professionals who are essential in securing contracts for their organisation or clients. They may be employed by a single company or work for a consultancy that creates proposals on behalf of various clients.
Bid writing typically involves working with subject-matter experts to create compliant documentation to solicit contracts for services, materials, products, or funding. Bid writers leverage their writing skills to effectively communicate and persuade, contributing to the success of their organisation.

What makes up effective bid writing?

Effective bid writing starts with an in-depth analysis of the tender documents to identify the requirements that need to be met, the problems that need to be solved, the priorities of the buyer, the key themes of the project, and all other context surrounding the bid and the buyer. By addressing these clearly, a bid writer can articulate that the organisation has a good understanding of what is needed.
Bid writing is a careful balancing act between providing as much detail as possible and being concise to ensure time and page space aren’t wasted. Additionally, a good bid writer will develop a tender that is clear and simple to read, meaning that the solutions presented are understood by all evaluators.
Primarily, effective bid writing means tailoring submissions to the buyer’s specific needs and their pain points – addressing any specified criteria and the unique and added benefits the buyer will experience if your organisation or client wins the contract.

How can a bid writer help an SME?

A bid writer can be a critical resource for an SME throughout the tender process. They can lead the quality submission by assessing all tender requirements, developing a bid plan / programme, and identifying the key resources and information needed to support the development of a quality response.
Our bid writers support SMEs understand the complex requirements and contractual requirements of a tender, helping to draw out the key aspects and benefits of a solution, and develop a compliant and compelling submission.

We have a downloads section where we provide free tender tools and tender-related templates for SMEs.

How can a bid writer support a Tier 1?

A bid writer can support a Tier 1 contractor by supporting the development of tender submissions for large-scale and complex projects. Working across a team of multi-faceted subject-matter experts, the bid writer will ensure all contributions are sense checked, well-integrated, and coherent and compelling. Given the high levels of compliance and detail needed for projects at this level, a bid writer will ensure alignment with all industry regulations and standards and that risks are identified and mitigated within the submission.

How can a bid writer support a JV?

A bid writer can support a JV by working as a conduit between two (or more) organisations, ensuring all solutions are discussed, verified, confirmed, and captured in the narrative. For a JV, the bid writer will coordinate across the various involved companies and ensure consistency and alliance in the tender story. They will also articulate the value of the conjoined organisations and the benefits that their robust systems will bring.

Where is BWL based?

Our Head Office is situated in Darlington, with satellite offices in Birmingham and London. Our staff are hybrid, meaning they either work within our offices, client’s offices, or from home.

How quickly can we start?

Discussing your needs will help us gauge how quickly you need us. Once we understand your requirements, we will assess our resource plan to lock in your dates. We can be flexible to support urgent deadlines. Before we start any work, we’ll get a formal quotation to you and our T&Cs signed. Contact us today to discuss your tender timeline.

Do you work on the same tender for multiple clients?

Never. Your trust is important to us. As soon as we mutually sign contracts, we will not work with another client on the same bid. It is even in our T&Cs.

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