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Our Bid Training Services

Effectively and professionally responding to bids and proposals is crucial for securing a winning proposal. Understanding how to write and manage a bid effectively can be the difference between vast success and growth for your business, or wasted time, effort, and resources.

Building on the years of experience and best practice accrued by our in-house team of bid consultants, we deliver bespoke bid training services, including comprehensive bid writing and bid management courses to achieve successful tender outcomes.

Our training is centred on an APMP best practice approach and includes workshops with practical tasks, reviews of past bid submissions, and knowledge on the various subject areas you’re asked to respond to in each of your tenders.

Bid writer training course

Our bid writing course helps you to improve how you approach developing responses from the ground up. Our approach covers storyboarding and building content structure, meeting the scoring criteria, creating win themes, client hot buttons, and much more. Our course equips you and your team with the necessary skills and knowledge for successful bidding.

Bid writing courses for any level

Our bid writer training accommodates varying levels of experience, competencies, strengths, and weaknesses. This training is ideally delivered online, allowing flexibility for you or multiple members of your team, at a time that suits you.

Whether your organisation is new to the bidding process or experienced and seeking to enhance the quality of responses for improved success rates, our training can be customised to meet your specific needs.

Develop necessary bid writing skills

Our bid writing courses are built on interactive workshops designed to give you a diverse range of skills and knowledge to produce high-quality bid and tender submissions. Our goal is to empower you to become successful bid writers, employing the proven bid processes that our professional bid consultants apply daily.

Who is our bid writing course for?

Our courses are designed for individuals who regularly engage in bid writing as part of their responsibilities. They’re also suitable for experienced managers and directors seeking to enhance their skill set by incorporating professional bid writing.

Before each engagement, we conduct a thorough assessment of your current capabilities. This assessment enables us to pinpoint areas where we can make the biggest impact. We then adapt our content and materials to align with your specific needs, ensuring a tailored and effective training experience.

Bid management course

Our bid management course is designed to improve how you manage tender submissions through a structured bid process, starting with capture planning and ending with post-submission lessons learned. It aims to enhance your understanding of how and where effective bid management truly makes a difference.

On courses provide you with the necessary tools to navigate through the sequential stages of the bid process, including:

  • Capture planning
  • Assessing tender requirements
  • Bid / No Bid decisions
  • Bid planning and time management
  • Defining the buyer’s drivers
  • Ideas generation and strategy development
  • Building an effective bid plan
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) management and coordination
  • Transferring capture, strategy, and ideas into the quality submission
  • Creating win themes, addressing hot buttons, and developing storyboards

This comprehensive bid training equips your team to effectively manage the complexities of bid processes, balancing attention to detail with the creativity needed to develop compelling proposals.

Who is our bid management course for?

Our bid management course is specifically tailored for Bid Managers aiming to advance their careers to the role of Bid Director. It is also well-suited for seasoned Bid Writers seeking to transition into Bid Management.

Whether you’re aspiring to lead bid teams at a higher level or looking to broaden or strengthen your skill set, our training caters to your professional growth and development aspirations.

Bid training tailored to meet your needs

Our Bid Training Services courses are tailored to the specific requirements of your business, focusing on specific skills and bridging knowledge gaps. We handle bids across various sectors, including construction, social care, and professional services, allowing us to understand the nuances of each industry and tailor training accordingly.

Our bid management and bid writing courses cover all aspects of the bidding process, including:

  • Storyboarding
  • Crafting high-scoring responses
  • Presenting responses
  • Understanding the bidding process
  • Bid selection
  • Bid documentation review
  • Understanding compliance
  • Adding value
  • Time management

Available online or in a classroom setting, our courses can support all experience levels.


Develop your teams’ skills with our bid training services

Looking to start taking your team’s bid writing and bid management skills to the next level so you can start winning more contracts?

Contact our bid training team today to discuss how our bid writing and bid management courses can start strengthening your bid processes.

Bid Training FAQs

How long are your bid training courses?

Our courses typically take one day, but we can tailor training to run over several days if required, and where larger groups require split sessions.

How is your bid training delivered?

We can deliver training at your offices, at a conference centre (costs apply), at our office in Darlington, or remotely.

How much does bid training cost?

As each requirement is bespoke, and costs may need to include venue if delivered in person, it can vary. When you engage with us, we’ll develop a transparent quotation based on the needs of you and your team, breaking down the cost of the training time and any expenses if applicable. By implementing our winning bid techniques, the success of just one bid can likely offset the cost of our bid training.

What are the benefits of bid training?

Bid training provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved understanding of the bidding process
  • Enhanced ability to create compelling and competitive bids
  • Increased win rates for contracts and projects
  • Greater confidence in presenting and negotiating proposals
  • Better alignment of bid strategies with organisational goals
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