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ESG Framework

We follow the ESG framework and take the holistic view that sustainability extends beyond just environmental issues or charitable donations. ESG reminds us that our commitment to corporate social responsibility isn’t just limited to short-term social value goals and targets, but the overall philosophy of how we manage BWL to ensure an ethical, sustainable, transparent and well-governed business.

Our robust approach to ESG allows us to continue to negate our impact on the environment and contribute to wider society despite uncertain political and societal situations both in the UK and around the world. BWL has embedded ESG within our company values and philosophy, ensuring that social issues will always be at the forefront of all we do as a business and for our clients.


At BWL, we believe it’s essential to give back to the community in meaningful ways. Our commitment to community support extends beyond our own business, and we actively participate in charitable projects both independently and with our clients. We recognise the impact we can make by coming together for a common cause and are proud of our team’s efforts in making a difference.

In September 2023, as they have done for several years, CEO Michael Lee and Commercial Business Director Sean Mander supported Rhodar in raising more than £10k in their “Cross-Point Team Challenge”. They joined 23 Rhodar staff on the shores of Derwentwater in the Lake District, to take on a gruelling 14-mile trek, raising funds for WellChild, a charity that gives seriously ill children the best chance to thrive at home. 

In May 2022, our Michael Lee and our team participated in Rhodar’s ‘Charity Golf Day,’ raising £180 for selected local charities, and took part in the CEO Sleepout in Middlesbrough, which aims to raise awareness of homelessness and hardship; he raised over £1.5k

Our goal of creating positive social change goes beyond fundraising. We believe our language and communication play a vital role in creating an inclusive and respectful community. In accordance with our mission to treat all clients, stakeholders, and individuals with dignity and respect, we have developed an Inclusive Language Guide. The guide aims to promote inclusivity, prevent bias, and educate our team members on the importance of mindful communication. Our guide emphasises the use of people-first language, avoiding stereotypes, and treating individuals equally. We believe it’s crucial to be willing to make changes if necessary and continually educate ourselves on best practices in promoting an inclusive and respectful environment.


BWL’s certified management system ensures we have formal processes and procedures to continually improve our services, from procurement to contract delivery.

Our robust policies, standards, and procedures define how we operate as an organisation and have continuous improvement at our core. The benefits of our certifications include a high-quality and efficient service, commitment to reducing our environmental impact, assurance of the highest standard of data handling and protection against cyber-attacks, and our approach to health and safety. We have formal mechanisms in place to assess and improve our approach to quality, the environment, health and safety, and protect our data. Our corporate social responsibility policy is tied to this and ensures we cover the broader social, economic and sustainability actions.

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