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Expert level of bid management

Our bid management services are designed to provide you with what you need for high-quality bid submissions, while taking the stress out of the overall bid process. From capture planning and bid compliance, our bid management team will provide you with the expert level of support you need to manage complex technical submissions.

What is our bid management process?

Our senior bid managers take a flexible approach to our involvement in your bid process, offering tailored services to suit your preferences. As part of the onboarding process, our bid management team will scope the level of assistance you need to meet your current requirements, enabling us to craft a bid management service tailored specifically to your business.

Our Bid Consultants are central to our Bid Management Services, supporting you by:

  • Acting as an overflow bid team resource
  • Leading and managing major tenders or RFPs
  • Developing bid strategies against a business case or plan
  • Developing bespoke or applying the APMP bid management process
  • Implementing bid teams into your organisation

Flexible bid management services

Our team has significant experience in bid management and applying the bid management process to many different sized businesses across the UK and Europe. No matter if you’re a small, medium or large enterprise, or perhaps even a Joint Venture, our team of experts will be able to adapt our bid management process to suit the needs of your business.

It’s not just the size of your business or what sector you’re in that our bid management team can adapt to, but also the areas across the bidding process that you need help with.

Our team can assist you with a range of areas, such as:

  • Capture Planning: Completing a swot analysis, addressing customer ‘hot buttons’, and developing strategic ‘win themes’.
  • Bid Planning: Developing comprehensive bid plans so internal teams understand key dates, deadlines, and milestones.
  • Storyboarding: Developing storyboards for your internal writers to guide them in what needs to be included in your responses, and where, to meet the requirements of the question and scoring criteria.
  • Reviews: Completing colours reviews of your submission – pink, red, or gold – to drive maximum point scoring.
  • Coordinating Subject Matter Expert (SMEs): Developing an SME plan so that the right people are engaged in the development of the right solutions and answers.
  • Updates: Providing regular updates to your assigned points of contact, keeping your manager, director or work winning team informed on progress and any risks.

In addition to bid management, we also offer:

  • Bid Writing – Win more bids with high-quality tender responses.
  • Bid Design – Make your tender responses visually standout from the competition.
  • Bid Strategy – Align your proposal with the needs of your client from the start.

Unique approach to building our bid management services team

Our approach to building our team sets us apart from other bid management companies. We headhunt senior bid professionals with years of experience in various sectors, as opposed to employing new graduates or juniors. This ensures our team has the necessary expertise and means our bid management services can add immediate value to our clients.

Helping you improve your bid management approach

Leaning on our expertise and experience working in bid management consultancy, we can expertly guide you through and support you through the bid management process. Not only that, but as part of our bid management, we can also support the strengthening of your internal team through our tailored training courses.

Our bid management training courses include:

  • Project management training
  • Training for bid writers
  • Training for bid managers
  • Training for bid directors

By attending our bid management training courses, you can empower your internal team with the knowledge and skills they need to see more success with their future bid applications and management. Build up your team’s confidence, win more contracts, and start increasing how much revenue you generate.

“We were extremely happy with the service and level of detail which BWL’s team provided. The submission was of a very high standard and the quality was exceptional. This is the first time we have used a bid writer for a tender so was a learning curve for us but the team at BWL managed the process with ease”

Improve your bid management strategy today

If you’re facing challenges with bid management, get in touch with our team of experts. Our team will be happy to discuss your needs and review your current bid process, to find out exactly how we can help you.

Find the solutions you need to improve your bid process, and equip your team with the bid management tools you need to start winning more bids today.


Bid Management Services FAQ

What is bid management, and why is it important?

For numerous businesses, securing public or private sector contracts through bidding is essential for client acquisition and growth. Bid management encompasses the supervision of the complete tender process for a business.

To execute this effectively, having a designated individual responsible for bid management is crucial. This could be a solitary figure within a company or a leader overseeing a team of bid writers.

Bid management encompasses overseeing the entire bidding process, from initial bid selection to overseeing the team responsible for crafting them. Crucially, bid management teams must possess an in-depth understanding of a business’s commercial and operational facets. This equips them to write certain bid components and select contributors who can enrich the bid with their unique insights and expertise.

On top of this, bid management teams must understand the tendering organisation’s expectations to create a compelling bid that effectively showcases why their company is the ideal choice to undertake the tender project.

How much do bid management services cost?

The cost of our bid management services vary depending on the level of assistance needed and how long you need bid management support for. We work on a set day rate and we transparently break down the time needed to manage your bid effectively (based on volume of work and a bid plan). We can also work with you for the entire duration of a bid process if you require end-to-end support.

As every business is different, they will each have unique needs and priorities that will require a bespoke approach. We can adapt our processes and workflows to suit your unique needs.

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