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Experienced bid review professionals

As experienced bid review professionals, we know that the bid and colour review process can be overwhelming, particularly when dealing with limited resources, tight deadlines, and multiple submissions.

Our Bid Review Services allow you to share your tender responses with a senior bid consultant (during development or as you complete them) for validation to maximise points against the tender scoring criteria.

Effective and thorough bid reviews

Our Bid Review Services include compliance checks of tender responses against factors such as the specification, terms and conditions, question weightings, win themes, and tender scoring criteria.

Our bid review process is designed to provide you with an experienced bid professional to find areas for improvement and additional marks before you submit the final version to your client.

We use comments, tracked changes, and clear instructions on how to improve the tender responses, and we provide both marked-up and clean copies to save crucial time.

What makes a good bid submission?

A good bid submission is compliant against the scoring criteria and effectively communicates your ability to meet or exceed the requirements of the client, while offering evidence, value, and quality assurance.

Our bid consultancy team will assess:

  • Compliance with question and scoring criteria
  • Compliance with instructions (e.g. font size)
  • Weightings vs content
  • Address any favourable indicators
  • Experience and case studies
  • Alignment to the specification (e.g. for methodologies and expected procedures)
  • Technical knowledge such as mobilisation, delivery, and site access
  • Subject area knowledge such as the use of relevant ISO management systems
  • Consistency of commitments and solution
  • Win themes and customer hot buttons
  • Clarifications

They will also check for:

  • Errors using specialist software
  • Contextual spelling, grammar, font size and style, word and character limits
  • Sentence style, content structure and narrative flow against the question

Our bid consultants highlight where amendments and improvements need to be made to strengthen your submission, along with ideas, examples, and advice..

Where required, for larger and technically complex bids, our bid consultants can provide on-site bid review support to reduce inefficiencies and meet tight deadlines.

The stages of a bid review

Our bid consultants follow a detailed and methodical approach during each bid review. This process ensures our reviews are consistent, no matter what sector or industry the bid is for.

Checking the bid is compliant

Part of our bid review includes ensuring the response aligns with the ITT requirements and reviewing factors like character limits, word or page counts, font size, and line spacing. Making sure these small details are correct assures compliance and provides a consistent appearance throughout the submission.

Our bid consultants will also verify that any appended supporting information or graphics are allowed to be included within the bid submission.

Checking that the questions are answered correctly

Our bid consultancy team thoroughly assesses whether each part of each question has been addressed fully and within the appropriate context. Using their expertise and subject knowledge, our team will identify areas where the response could be enhanced, suggesting additional details or examples to strengthen key points.

This stage allows the reviewer to ensure comprehensive and accurate answers.

Making sure there is a clear and logical structure

Another important part of the bid review process is evaluating the response’s structure, making sure that the answers are presented well and signposted. We check for clear headings and subheadings that correspond to each element of the question in the specified order.

The benefit of using BWL for a bid review is that we remain impartial, which helps to determine whether the writer has organised the response effectively, providing recommendations for improved reader navigation.

Checking the submission is easy to understand

In our bid reviews, we consider the flow and the overall cohesiveness of the bid response to maximise readability and understanding. This includes:

  • Assessing the natural progression of sentences
  • Ensuring a smooth transition from one idea to the next
  • Emphasising clear and concise language to enhance comprehension and readability
  • Providing feedback to the writer on improving the overall clarity of the bid.

Why use external bid consultants?

Throughout the bidding process, it is easy for bid teams and writers to overlook the content they are developing and handling. Individuals often read and perceive what they expect to see rather than the content presented on the page, which can cause small errors to slip through internal checks.

A final bid review conducted by external consultants with minimal engagement in the bid process is an effective way of gaining a fresh perspective and aligning with how your client will perceive it. Typically, this bid review takes place during the production phase of the bid – or at Red Review stage.



“We are delighted to say that we were successful with our submission. On the scoring sheet they presented to us, we scored 76.99% and ranked first in the listing which we are clearly delighted with. So thank you very much and please pass on our thanks to your team as we certainly could not have covered all of the points in such detail nor correlated everything into such an excellent presentation without your support and guidance. We certainly know where to come if we need anything like this in the future”.
Our Clients

Post-submission bid reviews

In addition to pre-submission bid reviews, we can also undertake post-submission bid reviews. As detailed client feedback isn’t always shared, it can often leave you wondering why your scores didn’t hit the mark, leaving you no feedback for continuous improvement.

Our team of bid consultants can undertake a full review to allow you to understand where you could have improved the bid and gained additional marks. This can help helping you to take the learnings of your bid review forward into future bids.

Improve the quality of your submissions with a bid review

The bid review process can be both time-consuming and stressful, especially if you’re having to conduct the review on top of your regular duties. However, a thorough bid review can make the difference between winning a bid and losing it.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements with our team of bid review experts and see how we can help you streamline your review process. Start improving the quality of your submissions and win more bids.


Bid Review FAQs

What is the bid review process?

A bid review is a process that assesses a bid submission from an unbiased perspective, comparing the submission to the client’s bid criteria. A good bid review will analyse the submission’s current strengths and weaknesses and highlight improvements. This process can help turn a losing or non-compliant bid into a winning one.

The bid review should:

  • Verify adherence to client response guidelines
  • Ensure a professional and consistent appearance across the submission
  • Remove internal notes and comments
  • Check spelling and grammar.

When should you undertake a bid review?

Our bid consultants recommended a bid review be undertaken at least 7 days before the deadline. This approach factors in time to action bid review comments and feedback, allowing you to gain additional marks and putting your mind at ease and making those final days before submission a little less stressful.

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