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How our Strategic Bid Services can help your business

Our strategic bid services are designed to support you with capture planning, bid planning, storyboarding, writing, and reviews. Our approach ensures the golden threads of your solution are intricately woven into your proposal.

We can support on an end-to-end basis, from capture through to submission. By doing this, you can benefit from a focused bid professional (or team) driving your strategy throughout the bid process. We can also support on a selective basis, leaning on the services you feel are critical to the success of your proposal.

Strategic Bid Services – From Capture to Submission

Our bid and tender strategy services are designed to reinforce the end-to-end bid process, which includes:

  • Capture planning to help set the foundation of your strategy and proposal.
  • Reviewing and supporting a bid plan aligned to the tender timeline, incorporating gate (colour) reviews and compliance dates.
  • Leading the establishment of an appropriately sized team of bid writers and coordinators.
  • Converting the capture plan into detailed storyboards, ensuring your teams embed key themes into the proposal.
  • Design and development of bespoke proposal templates, designs, and graphics to align with the submission requirements.
  • Writing proposal narrative to ensure the narrative reflects the strategy, as well as answers the questions.
  • Colour reviews to conduct a quality check and give guidance on how to strengthen the proposal.
  • Final scoring reviews for quick-win improvements before submission.

Continuous improvement

The aim of our strategic bid services is to help you develop and submit a quality and compliant bid while helping to mitigate the pressures of internal workload and resource shortages, engagement of the right people at the right time, and appointing suitably experienced subject matter experts to the bid.

As part of our service, we can also help you identify where improvements can be made. Whether it’s:


  • Resource management
  • Subject matter expert engagement
  • Bid planning / programme
  • Training gaps
  • Behaviours

Our bid consultants can help you identify the root cause and implement a plan to improve.  This might involve refining processes, implementing best practices, and enhancing the overall efficiency of the bid function through workshops, bid management courses, bid writing courses, and bid process implementation and guidance.

Enhance Your Bid & Tender Strategy Today

Developing a bid strategy that is effective in winning more contracts can be challenging and complex with the many variables in each bid.

Contact our strategic bid team today to begin collaborating with us and winning more bids.

Strategic Bid Services FAQs

What is a tender strategy?

A tender strategy highlights a company’s approach, preparation, and submission tactics for bidding on a contract opportunity. Creating a bid strategy before working on your submission enhances your likelihood of securing the tender by ensuring your proposal is tailored to meet the client’s needs, expectations, and evaluation criteria. Using a well-thought-out bid and tender strategy correlates with winning more contracts and opportunities.

What makes an effective tender bidding strategy?

There are several elements that make up an effective tender strategy, which can be used to organise your bidding process, and help you win more contracts.

Understanding the client and the bid

A key step to creating an effective bid strategy and response is making sure you fully understand both the client, and the bid opportunity they’re presenting. By doing this, you can align your response with the clients’ requirements, objectives, preferences, and their decision-making process. As a result, your submission will be much more suited to what the client is looking for, increasing the chance of success.

Clearly defining your proposition

The value proposition is the main solution that you’re presenting to the client – how it meets their criteria and delivers customer value and benefits. You should include unique factors or advantages and highlight the aspects that differentiate your bid submission from competitor submissions.

Writing a persuasive response

A good bid and tender strategy relies on your ability to write a persuasive and complaint tender response. The goal of your response is to persuade the client as to why your company is the best option for the contract and should focus on how you will deliver it. Part of writing your response should include making sure the formatting matches the requirements set out by the client, such as font, font size, and spacing.

Can Strategic Bid Services help with government contracts?

Absolutely! Our team has extensive experience in preparing bids for government contracts, ensuring compliance with stringent regulations and requirements. We help you navigate the complex bidding process to maximise your chances of success.

How quickly can you provide support?

While timelines vary based on bid complexity, our efficient processes and experienced team can be quickly mobilised. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and deadlines.

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