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Expert Bid Evaluation Process

Our bid evaluation team has a wealth of expertise in bid writing, bid management, and bid reviews, giving them the ideal skills to evaluate tender quality responses and mark them in line with your client’s scoring criteria.

Coupled with their breadth of experience across a wide range of sectors, our team understands the bid evaluation process and the sector you are bidding into. Our bid evaluation process will assess your response before the bid deadline and help you to increase the overall quality of your response.

Detailed Evaluation of your Tender

Our bid evaluation services approach includes assessing your tender documentation, specifications, scoring criteria, and draft responses to gain understanding of the bid requirements.

Our team then undertakes a comprehensive compliance review of your draft responses, examining from a client’s perspective to ensure every aspect of the bid aligns seamlessly with your client’s needs and instructions.

We navigate the intricacies of the bid evaluation criteria to assess your current score and provide guidance on how to improve the score – a valuable opportunity to improve before submission.


Why Choose Our Bid Evaluation Services?

Our team of seasoned bid specialists excel in crafting compliant bids that offer a competitive advantage. This expertise has consistently empowered our clients across public and private sectors to enhance their bids, align closely with tendered contracts, and secure more projects.

Our team use their honed skills to evaluate your bid and provide you with the feedback needed to maximise your score. Our bid evaluation experts can also provide post-evaluation training so that your team have the tools and knowledge to win more contracts in the future.


Boost Your Success Rate with a Bid Evaluation

Bidding is becoming more and more competitive as buyers are increasing the volume and complexity of the quality questions and requirements. An independent review of your submission can unearth helpful observations and guidance on final tweaks that may be the difference between winning and losing a contract.

Contact us today to discuss your bid requirements with our expert bid evaluation team and see how we can help to improve your bid submissions to start winning more contracts.


Bid Evaluation FAQs

What is a bid evaluation?

A bid evaluation typically takes place after the bid deadline, and involves analysing bids against scoring criteria, to pinpoint the elements within the bid that both meet or don’t meet the client’s specific requirements. Often when evaluation bids, assessors look for the most economically advantageous tender, sometimes referred to as MEAT.

MEAT isn’t necessarily the cheapest bid but is determined by comparing bids against predetermined award criteria to select the most suitable supplier for delivering works, goods, or services. A thorough evaluation encompasses more than just the award decision; it encompasses the planning and implementation of the entire process leading to that decision, ensuring proper documentation and resilience to internal and external scrutiny.

Our bid evaluation services are used before the bid deadline so that we can score your bid from a client’s perspective, and review how effective your submission is. This process highlights areas that need improvement, and once improvements are implemented, can increase your chances of winning the bid.

What is assessed in a bid evaluation?

During the buyer’s bid evaluation process, which will determine the preferred bidder, each bid application is scored against multiple criteria, which can be pass, or scored numerically. The criteria helps to highlight which company’s bid best matches the client’s requirements and has the means to deliver on the bid.

Elements buyers assess within the bid evaluation process include:

  • If the solution is technically feasible
  • The likelihood of the company delivering on the proposed solution
  • The appropriateness of the solution
  • The cost of the solution
  • Is the bid the most economically advantageous tender?
  • The perceived quality of the solution
  • Past performance of the company
  • Does the company have relevant experience?
  • Compliance with the client’s requirements



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