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BWL secures £8m contract for West Midlands electrical contractor

BWL secures £8m contract for West Midlands electrical contractor

In November 2022, BWL Professional Bid Services supported an East Midlands-based electrical contractor in their successful bid for a contract to provide electrical maintenance services to Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. The contract, valued at £8M over five years, entails working in a live clinical environment, ensuring minimal disruption to staff and patients, and maintaining the Trust’s high standards of conduct, infection control, and safety.

Like many tenders of this type and scale, the contractor had just four weeks to complete the return from issue to submission. This allowed little time for their team to prepare and review the response whilst ensuring all requirements were met.

The contractor reached out to BWL and engaged one of our Bid Consultants to support them in preparing the technical responses to each of the quality responses. We immediately set to work analysing the tender questions and technical specifications and identifying the key requirements, the Trust’s hot buttons, and potential win themes to be included in each response.

Working collaboratively with the contractor’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to collect relevant information, our Bid Consultant prepared high-quality draft responses within one week. The responses were produced bespoke for the tender and, focusing on clearly showing how they would meet the Trust’s requirements, were tailored to demonstrate awareness and experience of working in clinical environments.

We successfully combined the contractor’s knowledge and experience with BWL’s expertise in tendering into controlled healthcare environments to develop a total of 11 bespoke written responses. These covered compliance with the contract specification, demonstrable technical proficiency, evidence of delivering similar services, social value, health and safety, and supply chain and subcontractor management. All responses were carefully designed to align with the specific requirements of each tender question and the evaluation criteria within the ITT, ensuring high scores could be awarded for each response.

With our Bid Consultant focused on producing the technical responses, the contractor’s Senior Leadership were free to focus on managing the commercial elements of the bid and complete the pricing schedule.

Working together with their team, we produced a winning tender helping the contractor to realise their growth targets and support the sustainability of their business operations for the next five years.

If you’d like to know how we can support you with your tenders, contact us today and one of our experienced professionals will discuss your requirements.

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