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BWL Reflects on Annual Town Hall Meeting

BWL Reflects on Annual Town Hall Meeting

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We recently gathered to discuss our successes, strategies to enhance how we share our experiences and lessons learned, and how we can enhance our customer experience.

By Lisa Reece, Senior Bid Consultant at BWL Group

Last Friday marked a significant day for us at BWL Group as we gathered for our much-anticipated annual town hall meeting. Held at our head office in Darlington, the event was a hub of discussions, feedback, and strategic planning for the coming year.

The focus of this year’s meeting was annual performance, highlighting our achievements in what has been a challenging and successful year in many respects and areas for improvement.

Using our drive for continual improvement, we pooled ideas and strategies to enhance how we share our experiences and lessons learned from the bids we support and how we can enhance our customer experience through end-of-bid summaries and reporting. We aim to strengthen our open and collaborative culture by introducing more robust feedback channels.

The session ended on a high note. All attendees received goodie bags as a token of appreciation for their hard work and dedication throughout the year. Clare was awarded flowers and wine for her exceptional contributions to business development over the last 12 months.

The day was also about strengthening our team bond, as well as formalities. Post-meeting, we enjoyed a casual pub lunch followed by a game of bowling, which proved to be a great team-building exercise (even with the exceptional levels of competitiveness).

Joe secured first place on team one, and Lisa first place on team two – though Clare’s efforts to try and take Joe’s crown didn’t go unnoticed as she somehow managed to raise a ball from the gutter and secure a split!

We concluded with an early finish, leaving us all refreshed and ready for the weekend.

As is the case every year, our Town Hall wasn’t just a meeting, it was about connecting the largely remote team, sharing ideas, and building on our values.

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