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BWL Professional Bid Services support telecommunications contractor to secure a £10m contract

BWL Professional Bid Services support telecommunications contractor to secure a £10m contract

This case study outlines how BWL’s expert Bid Consultants helped a Telecommunications contractor to enhance and maximise its bid writing process to achieve success.

Client: Fibre Network Construction Company

Client employer industry: Telecommunications and fibre networks

Client contract: Supply and installation of fibre-optic network cable.

Client contract value: £10M

Scope of works:

In September 2020 BWL Group was approached by a Fibre Network Construction Company with a requirement for professional bid support.

The Client was experiencing a significant period of growth due to the expansion of the UK’s Fibre Network. The company had limited availability of technical resources to support a major bid, and as such, there was a requirement for external bid writing and bid management support.

BWL was contacted as a result of the experience gained through successfully tendering into Employers such as BT Openreach, KCOM, CityFibre, and toob.

Following the completion of an NDA, a review of the tender documentation was carried out to review the opportunity and advise of any risks. BWL provided a directly employed Bid Consultant with experience in bid writing for the telecoms and fibre network industry. For example, knowledge of the requirement for operatives to have valid Physical Infrastructure Access (PIA) accreditation for BT Openreach Poles and Ducts.

The Bid Consultant organised an initial meeting with the relevant directors, managers, and technical staff to identify which subject matter experts were best able to impart knowledge on each element of their services. The Bid Consultant was able to obtain information effectively through technical meetings to reduce the amount of time required to support each response.

The Client required BWL to develop a total of 39 quality responses with a 500-word limit per response. The scope of the work was significant given the two-week deadline, which was compounded by delays due to the client’s ongoing operational planning for various other projects. As such, they were unable to meet several deadlines set by BWL to supply key information required for bid development.

To accommodate the client’s changing scope and availability, BWL made continual updates to the initially proposed timescales and remained flexible to the client’s requirements. As BWL utilises a storyboarding method for structuring quality responses, early versions of each response were drafted prior to receiving the necessary information. This minimised any impact on developing the submission as the responses were completed to their furthest extent, ensuring the bid was completed to a high standard and submitted on time.

In addition, to bid management and bid writing, BWL also supplied the client with a series of contract-specific supporting documents to underpin the bid submission, including a full Health and Safety Construction Phase Plan (CPP) and standardised CVs for key project staff.

BWL also specialises in bid design services and developed a series of supporting graphics for the client, which provided an easy method for understanding the processes described in the bid. This included structure charts for delivery teams, infographics summarising added value, system process flow charts, and proposal templates to create a professional and refined appearance. Clean and editable versions of these documents were supplied to the client to tailor them to any future fibre network tenders.

By applying a unique understanding of NEC4 contracts and the operational approach required against the tender specification, BWL was able to build a high-quality proposal that clearly demonstrated the client’s suitability to deliver the contract and work packages. Not only was the bid successful, but the client was also supplied with an extensive library of standard responses and professional templates for future use.

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