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Bid Professional Bid Services supports Irish Prime Contractor within the transport sector

Bid Professional Bid Services supports Irish Prime Contractor within the transport sector

This case study outlines how BWL Group’s expert Bid Consultants helped an Irish prime contractor enhance and maximise its bid writing process to achieve success.

Client: Prime contractor: Transport 

Client employer industry: Healthcare

Client contract: Provision of Non- Emergency Patient/Client/Service user transport

Client contract value: Several multi-million euro contracts

Scope of works:

In July 2018, BWL Group was approached by a prime contractor with a requirement for professional bid support with significant experience in tendering into the public sector, and in particular, the HSE.

The contractor had a high-value tender that it wished to secure and required BWL to support a Bid Manager to write and develop each technical response.

BWL provided a Bid Consultant with extensive experience of tendering to the HSE, who understood the environment with which the contract would be delivered. This ensured that the consultant was able to impart essential knowledge about the type of information the HSE typically requires.

The client’s Bid Writer had developed several of the responses which required review and amendment. The Bid Writer had underestimated the level of detail required by the buyer to understand their solution and ensure a compliant and successful bid.

During the process, and to add additional pressure to the situation, the client’s Bid Writer was out of the country and only available outside of normal business hours to work on the tender. By working collaboratively, an effective relationship was established, which is based on trust, and the client’s confidence in our Consultant’s knowledge and expertise of the Buyer and their requirements.

In addition to producing responses, BWL created tables, flowcharts, and encouraged the use of infographics to support the bid and illustrate operational and system processes, delivery team structures, and describe how information is processed during the contract.

Each response required a high degree of knowledge surrounding both transport and service user requirements, as well as, a solid understanding of project management and the Buyer’s operational requirements.

Added Value:

By ensuring each response was written to the highest quality, the client was able to reuse the responses to populate their tender library for future bids.

In addition, BWL created a range of new supporting documents which can now be used for day-to-day supplier questionnaires, as well as, future tender submissions.

BWL has successfully worked with this client on several multi-million euro tenders and continues to provide bid management and bid writing support.

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