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BWL’s Professional Bid Services team was requested by national telecommunications provider to complete a tender submission

BWL’s Professional Bid Services team was requested by national telecommunications provider to complete a tender submission

Client: BT MDU Installations

Client employer industry: Technology and Communications

Scope of works:

In September 2020, BWL was requested to provide professional bid services, including bid writing services, bid management services and bid design services.

The ITT had a short turnaround and included a series of quality questions as part of the MDU installation works for BT, a Framework that the Telecommunications Provider had been an incumbent contractor for the last 2 years. The MDU installations tender involved installing components in multi-dwelling units (apartments) for internet services (FTTP).

BWL provided a proposal with a breakdown of the time it would take to complete the bid submission and the associated cost.

Following acceptance of the proposal, a Bid Consultant who had previous experience of the Employer was assigned to the tender. We began developing a request matrix whereby we outline all the technical information we require to develop a response, along with any supporting documentation.

The Bid consultant then arranged a series of video calls with the Telecommunications Provider’s staff to gather information from subject matter experts within the company, facilitated via Microsoft Teams due to time constraints and social distancing measures.

This allowed the Bid Consultant to develop a storyboard for the quality submission, incorporating all key internal processes and operational approaches for delivering the MDU installation works.

The Bid Consultant utilised each storyboard to develop each written response, using internal documentation to pick out key points and procedures that were already aligned with the Employer’s specification.

To develop each response, BWL worked quickly to understand the scope of works, as well as, mobilisation and delivery methodologies. . This included the physical installation of the components and the process for approving work and updating the Telecommunications Provider’s client systems.

The Employer had also released a considerable amount of tender documentation, including a 60+ page BT Network Services Handbook, in which we worked to understand every relevant system and messaging service that required action.

Added value:

During the writing process, BWL identified the requirement infographics to illustrate the process which demonstrated internal and client aligned processes and also allow us to maximise the use of our 500-word limit for each section.

With tight timeframes to complete the drawings, with limited internal input, we developed 9 complimentary graphics for the bid. This made the responses stand out and complemented our written responses with visual models.

As an addition to the provision of bid writing services, Telecommunications Provider also appointed BWL to develop a template document for the submission, something to illustrate their brand and experience in the industry.

We developed the document using company colours and imagery and logos and created a framework for the data to be inserted into, along with an executive summary.

Following the completion of all the sections in the document, with input from the Telecommunications Provider team for pricing options, we also edited and reviewed the final content to ensure correct terminology, grammar, and flow throughout the document.

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