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AAF International Temporary Works Coordinator Services on industrial refurbishment project

AAF International Temporary Works Coordinator Services on industrial refurbishment project

This case study outlines how BWL’s expert Technical Services Team helped provide Temporary Works Coordinator Services to support AAF International on an industrial refurbishment project.

Client: AAF International 

Client employer industry: Power and Industrial

Scope of works:

The Technical Services Team at BWL were engaged to provide Temporary Works Coordinator Services to support AAF on an industrial refurbishment project across a number of National Grid Gas compressor sites.

As part of a wider project, AAF has carried out the renewal of various life expired parts across four different sites simultaneously to keep the National Grid assets performing safely and efficiently. Due to the nature of the existing infrastructure, various temporary works systems were required for access, structural support and lifting activities.

While acting as Temporary Works Coordinator, BWL was engaged from the start of the project, including being actively involved in the National Grid HAZCON risk assessment procedure to ensure the correct Temporary Works controls were considered for each application on-site before any work commenced.

During the project, one of BWL’s Chartered Engineers, who is also CITB temporary works; trained, coordinated, and managed the design and installation of a number of temporary works systems in line with the contract programme. This included the assessment of access scaffold, structural scaffold, lifting systems and temporary outrigger pads to ensure the works were carried out to the correct safety procedures and in accordance with National Grid temporary works procedures, AAF procedures and applicable legislation and British Standards, including CDM2015 and BS5975:2008.

As part of the role on the project, the Technical Services team at BWL also carried out routine temporary works compliance audits to ensure the works on site were as per the agreed temporary works register and approved system.

Benefits of BWL:

BWL’s provided a Chartered Engineer who had extensive experience of working on large scale infrastructure projects. This ensured that the right level of liaison with specialist scaffolding subcontractors took place on behalf of AAF to ensure the right systems were implemented on-site, and that the project was completed to programme without any safety breaches or incidents.

As with any project, changes happen, and the Technical Service Team acted efficiently to approve any required changes in temporary works designs which were needed to suit the existing as-built conditions.

Correct temporary works management should be part of a wider safety management system in any construction and engineering business. The systems and procedures BWL’s Technical Service Team follows is an example of proper temporary works management – BWL are available to work with SME’s, and top tier contractors and clients nationwide to share how we work safely.

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