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University of Chichester Academy Trust – ICT Communications & Security Partner

University of Chichester Academy Trust

Publication date 21 March 2024, 8:35pm
Closing 22 April 2024, 12:00am
Contract locations
UKK - South West (England)
UKJ27 - West Sussex (South West)
Lot value
Total value £750,000

University of Chichester (Multi) Academy Trust (the Trust), is a company limited by guarantee and an exempt charity, which was set up by the University of Chichester in July 2013 as an academy sponsor. Trust is made up of fifteen academies: three infant schools, four junior schools, seven primary schools and one secondary school. The total number of pupils on the roll is approximately 6000 (including nursery). The Trust is currently in discussions with other prospective schools/academies. The Trust also has a small business unit of Portsmouth SCITT which supports teacher training.
The University has an education heritage that goes back over 180 years. Now firmly established as an educational charity, the University of Chichester Multi-Academy Trust is uniquely placed to make a difference to schools in the region. With access to University resources and expertise, including school improvement specialists from the University’s Education Department, and the extensive experience of our core team of Finance, HR and Premises professionals we can tailor support that meets the specific needs of our academies in their own locality.
The Vision of the University of Chichester Academy Trust is for all young people to be inspired by an excellent education that raises their aspirations and enriches their lives.
Our Mission is to create a vibrant inclusive and aspirational family of academies, transforming life chances for pupils through excellent teaching and learning.
Our Shared values are:
• Aspirational
• Inclusive
• Collaborative
• Dynamic
• Evidence Based
• People-focused
• Sustainable
This procurement encompasses the items noted below. In essence, this procurement is all about identifying a single supplier to provide a fully outsourced managed service. At the sole discretion of the Trust any future schools that the Trust may incorporate into the Trust will also be added to the ICT contract. Any additional schools will co-terminate to the end same end date of the initial contract.
Further details regarding bid timescales are noted below but this is advertised as a 60 month contract with a maximum 5 year service with start and end dates as follows:
Lines available – Service start date – 1st October
The companies identified from these shortlisting questions to receive the ITT for the Service will then receive a detailed set of requirements. For the purposes of this shortlisting stage bidders should assume that the ITT will include, but is not be limited to;
• A managed connectivity service to connect schools anywhere in England
• A broadband service for each school based on synchronous connectivity
• A ‘failover’ line
• A firewalled service
• Filtering and security solution compliant with latest KCSIE regulations
• A managed VoIP telephony service for each school to an agreed number of handsets each
• Support and maintenance service
• Full end to end single SLA approach
• Management of any 3rd parties required to provide the service
• Relevant monitoring, management, and reporting
• Full installation and transition service
• Value added services
Technical interface into the Trusts outsourced support provision
Bidders should note the following:
• The Trust will provide a standard contract as part of the ITT Pack
• There is will not be a requirement for TUPE from existing suppliers.

University of Chichester Academy Trust – ICT Communications & Security Partner

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