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Re-opening of Home Based Care Re-design and Associated Services – Flexible Purchasing System.

The City of Edinburgh Council

Publication date 11 March 2024, 12:39pm
Contract location
UKM75 - Edinburgh, City of

The City of Edinburgh Council in partnership with the Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership (EHSCP) is looking to establish a flexible purchasing system for Home Based Care and other associated services. This will be a long-term opportunity with the aim to work in partnership with providers to increase capacity for services under Self Directed Support (SDS) as per the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013. The EHSCP wishes to build community networks of support which will meet the changing requirements of Edinburgh Citizens. They require Home Based Care and associated services which are tailored to meet Edinburgh Citizen’s needs and can adapt by flexing capacity, whilst having a focus on sustainability, high standards of care, value for money and continuous improvement. The Flexible Purchasing system will be split into Categories and Sub-Categories (Lots), which are still in development, to cover the range of potential contracts which could be issued through the flexible purchasing system throughout the 10-year term. These may include: Category 1 – Home Based Care Re-design, Category 2 Individual Service Funds, Category 3 Specialised Services, Category 4 Associated Support Services. Due to the term of the opportunity, additional categories / sub-categories may be added in future, to reflect the Council’s requirements.
Applying to this system will provide the Council with a list of providers who have proven to have the required skill, knowledge, registrations etc to deliver the service, who could then be offered a contract as part of a Locality Partnership model with providers working together in the best interests of the individuals needing care. The aim of the Home-Based Care Re-design is to build upon networks and foster a culture of collaboration within a Locality model for adults and older people. This will enable data sharing between partners to understand our collective capacity, which will help us to enable growth with key partners and ensure efficient coverage across the city, allowing us to provide good quality of care which meets the needs of the individual within the City of Edinburgh. We want partners who will enable our vision to move from traditional “time and task” and work on the basis of what would improve the individuals’ life.

Re-opening of Home Based Care Re-design and Associated Services – Flexible Purchasing System.

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