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NHS SY ICB – Rotherham Place – Safe Space Service- 2024

NHS South Yorkshire ICB

Publication date 23 February 2024, 2:50pm
Closing 25 March 2024, 12:00am
Contract locations
UKE3 - South Yorkshire
UK - United Kingdom
UKE - Yorkshire and the Humber
Lot value
Total value £1,085,000

Overarching Aim:
To provide peer-led practical and emotional support in a safe, calming, and non-medical environment for people who are experiencing a mental health crisis or severe emotional distress.
1. People accessing the Service report that the physical environment is calm and relaxed and that they feel less isolated and have developed connections/friendships.

2. People accessing the Service show positive signs of recovery / Crisis de-escalation.

3. The Service is flexible and responsive, adapting to the individual needs of the person in terms of their circumstances i.e. strengths, level of risk, culture, ethnicity, language, age and disability.

4. The voices of people who access the Service are heard and feedback is used to drive service improvement.

5. Mapping of individuals full care journeys across different services demonstrates the integration and effectiveness of the Service.

6. A resilient workforce who are supported to develop to their full potential.

7. People who access the Service experience compassionate, person centred care and support.

1. Create a relaxed and supportive space (virtual and/or physical) where connections with others can help build confidence, reduce isolation, and promote friendship.

2. Deliver lower- level psychological interventions and diversionary/exploratory activities that will stabilise the immediate situation and reduce any imminent risk.

3. Promote the Service and support access for those who experience health inequalities – including but not limited to those with protected characteristics.

4. Ensure that engagement with and involvement of the people who use the Service is embedded within all aspects of Service delivery.

5. Work collaboratively with system partners to embed the Service within the Rotherham Crisis Pathway and connect to the wider Rotherham offer.

6. Build a workforce of volunteer and paid peer support workers (experts by experience) who are supported through the provision of weekly supervision / daily peer facilitation support/buddy arrangements and continued professional development.

NHS SY ICB – Rotherham Place – Safe Space Service- 2024