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National Framework for the Provision of Crime Scene Consumables

BlueLight Commercial

Publication date 12 March 2024, 4:51pm
Closing 16 April 2024, 12:00pm
Contract location
UK - United Kingdom
Total value £40,000,000

This National Framework for Crime Scene Consumables is to support c44 Contracting Authorities which includes, Police and other Law enforcement agencies, alongside Fire and Rescue, MOD and MOJ and NHS Trusts with suitable crime scene consumables fit for the purpose intended with the collection, storage, and onward transportation of forensic samples to the Forensic Laboratories for ongoing analysis. Due to the nature of work undertaken, in a high-pressure environment with a requirement to complete work to fast turnaround times. The exact demand can often be difficult to predict as policing is dependent on external factors, such as crime type and volume. It is important that suppliers can confidently deliver in line with the agile demand and to have access to critical supplies at the point of need that ultimately supports the law enforcement agencies and criminal justice system.

National Framework for the Provision of Crime Scene Consumables

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