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Customer Engagement Platform

Northern Ireland Electricity Networks Limited

Publication date 6 March 2024, 2:34pm
Contract location
UKN - Northern Ireland

NIE Networks is the electricity Distribution Network Operator(DNO) and transmission network owner in Northern Ireland. NIE Networks have a requirement for provision of suitably qualified and experienced organisation(s) to provide a Customer Engagement Platform, which can also be referred to as a Customer Relationship Management System.
NIE Networks would like to invite interested parties who provide services relevant to the requirements to attend separate market engagement sessions. At these sessions NIE Networks will outline an overview of the requirements and request invited parties to provide a demonstration of their systems.
The information obtained through this process will be retained by NIE Networks, commercially sensitive or confidential information obtained will not be released. However, any relevant the information resulting from this process, that may be used to add to the potential procurement strategy, will be communicated to other potential tenderers.
In addition there may be a request for feedback after the event in the form of a questionnaire.
NIE Networks will hold separate individual supplier sessions on Thursday 25th & Friday 26th April 2024 with up to a maximum of 10 suppliers. The deadline for suppliers to register is 4th April 2024 at 5pm.
Suppliers should register their interest via eSourcingNI by Thursday 4th April 2024 providing the name(s) of who will attend. NIE Networks may shortlist attendees on the basis of direct relevant experience.
Please note, should NIE Networks tender for this requirement, a separate Call for Competition in form of a FTS Contract Notice will be published on eSourcingNI. Any interested parties will still be required to apply separately if/when launched & expressing an interest in the market engagement shall in no way be accepted as registering an interest.
Additionally, expressing an interest in the market engagement will not be a prerequisite in relation to the potential future tender competition.
Please note this is not a Call for Competition.
Project S1227 has been created on eSourcingNI where parties can register their interest to attend the session.

Customer Engagement Platform

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