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The Sample Management Capability (SMC)

Sellafield Limited

Publication date 28 March 2024, 2:23pm
Contract location
UKD11 - West Cumbria
Total value £10,000,000

This PIN is to allow the engagement with the supply chain through Technical Dialogue (TD), here we
will seek an open response to certain key lines of enquiry where this will be followed by interviews
with selected organisations, based upon their initial response. This is intended to test the current
strategic direction of the AS where SL will seek to further develop its understanding and
confidence of the proposed technical and commercial strategies prior to potentially undertaking a
formal procurement process, in accordance with the Public Contracts Regulations. As such this
phase may support the further development, and refinement, of the proposed procurement,
technical, and commercial arrangements.

The Sample Management Capability (SMC)

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