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Tfl_scp_2473 Automated Passenger Counting Trial

Transport for London

Publication date 28 March 2024, 4:17pm
Closing 2 May 2024, 5:00pm
Contract locations
UKI - London
UK - United Kingdom

Bus Crowding information for TfL passengers isn’t currently aligned with our vision of where we want to be. The primary objective of this project is to generate and make live bus crowding data available to bus passengers for better decision making and empower them to feel ‘in control’ of their journeys.
With accurate and live bus crowding data available from Automated Passenger Counting (APC), we will be able to help:
• Passengers – empowering our customers to make more informed travel decisions when planning a bus journey and letting them know what to expect prior to boarding.
• Service Controllers – allowing for more informed decision making by knowing passenger loading (bus occupancy) for each vehicle in service.
• Traffic management – enabling traffic light control systems to favour crowded buses.
• Service Planners – creating access to more accurate passenger flow information; and
• Drivers – affording them a clearer indication of how crowded a bus is when their immediate view is blocked.
Description of the desired solution
We are looking for a solution that can generate readings on all the 6 parameters below in real-time which form the complete scope of the project:
1. Number of passengers boarding at a stop
2. Number of passengers alighting at a stop
3. Number of passengers on the bus (occupancy on departure of the bus from that bus stop) (derived from points 1 and 2)
4. Loading (the total occupancy as a percentage of capacity).
5. Occupancy of wheelchair area (occupied/available)
6. Type of occupant in the wheelchair area:
• Wheelchair space available (no occupancy/people standing)
• Wheelchair space occupied by wheelchair
• Wheelchair space occupied by others (buggies/ pram/ trolleys/ any other object)
LBSL are currently agnostic to the technologies that can provide us the optimum APC solution and are keen to understand the scope of potential solutions in the market.
The Early Market Engagement will seek views on a number of aspects including supplier and service provider appetite, capacity and capability, as well as well as gauging the general level of interest in this opportunity.
Based on the responses we gather from the PIN, we will be calling the interested suppliers to 1:1 meetings, between 13th – 23rd May 2024 (exact date will be communicated later). We would appreciate if potential suppliers could present a brief presentation about their solution (including relevant videos, dashboards, demo whichever applies) followed by a Q&A session.
Following this market engagement process, TfL may invite selected suppliers to produce a trial to determine the viability of the solution and test if it fulfils our requirements. Details on the specifics of the trial will be shared with the suppliers later.
To express an interest for this contract, interested bidders must confirm by email to: by 18:00, 2nd May 2024.
You must provide:
• your single point of contact first name and surname
• your email address
• your position in the organisation
• your organisation name
If you have any questions regarding this PIN please contact:
PLEASE NOTE: Automated Passenger Counting – Market brochure can be requested by emailing

Tfl_scp_2473 Automated Passenger Counting Trial

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