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Technical Support of Donation Services Equipment

NHS Blood and Transplant

Publication date 28 March 2024, 4:01pm
Contract location
UKK12 - Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire
Total value £8,000,000

The purpose of this Prior Information Notice is to:
Alert potential suppliers that NHS Blood and Transplant intends to let contract(s) via a Framework with different Lots which support the collection of Whole Blood, Apheresis Donation, and Plasma for Medicine, and the provision of Therapeutic Apheresis Services, with provision of Donation Chairs/couches, patient couches and Session Screens. The future contract . NOTE: The estimated total value below is based on a maximum 10-year contract duration.

The Framework will consist of the following lots:

Lot 1 Donation Chairs: Supply of Version 1 Chair Parts Only (including transport trolleys) –
Lot 2 Donation Chairs: Supply of Version 2 Chair Parts Only (including transport trolleys) –
Lot 3 Supply of new chairs: for the collection for whole blood and plasma for medicine (including transport solutions if required)
Lot 4 Apheresis Donation Chair: Supply of Chairs & Parts
Lot 5 Apheresis patient Couch: Supply of Couch and Parts
Lot 6 Maintenance & Repair Services (chairs, couches, trolleys, cabinets etc this is not an exhaustive list)
Lot 7 Session Screens Supply – NHSBT wide

NHSBT may require chairs to be redesigned based on the specifications – this will involve a design stage, further information will be available during the Supplier engagement days.

The proposed solution’s must be robust, hygienic, cost effective, space saving, have the ability to become portable, safe to operate and construction must be simple with minimal impact to operational processes.
Donation Chairs: Across NHSBT there are a total 55 mobile teams (each supplied with approx 11 donation chairs) and 25 Static Donor Centre’s (each supplied with approx 7 chairs).

Prior to commencing a formal procurement process and to help inform our strategy/requirements, NHSBT would like to consult the market to establish the likely level of interest in order to proceed to scheduled engagement days.
It is our intention to invite those organisations who express an interest in this PIN to a supplier engagement meeting to be held in May/June 2024.
Please express your interest by 6th May 2024 to

Technical Support of Donation Services Equipment

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