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SCFT & ESHT: Provision of Dental Patient Management Software Service

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust

Publication date 5 March 2024, 1:53pm
Contract location
UKJ2 - Surrey, East and West Sussex
Awarded supplier(s) Systems for Dentists Limited
Total value £107,117.50

Joint Procurement: Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (“SCFT”) (the “Authority”) in conjunction with East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (“ESHT”) required a service provider to provide a Dental Patient Management Software Service.

The current in-situ patient management software was no longer supported by the software supplier/developer and the SCFT Dental Services team appointed a single service provider which includes but is not limited to the following:

• Special Care Dental Service which provides support to patients with special needs and those who have difficulty accessing General Dental Services; and
• Emergency Dental Service which provides out-of-hours dental care when a patient’s clinical condition needs prompt attention.

The required software management system includes the following:

– Cloud based storage and browser user access point;
– Electronic patient medical histories & NHS Patient Record forms;
– Dental specific charting and treatment planning features;
– Electronic patient portal for appointment booking and communication;
– Integrated communication systems (email and SMS);
– Integrated wait list management and reporting;
– Performance reporting features; and
– Dental contract and financial practice management features.

This was an Open procedure; any organisation could have responded to the advertised Contract Notices, requested/downloaded the procurement documents, and submitted a tender. All tenders were evaluated in line with the methodology and criteria set out in the procurement documents.

Subject to its obligations to act in a transparent, proportionate and non-discriminatory manner, the Authority reserved the right to only award a contract to one (1) of the Trusts or none of the Trusts as a result of the procurement process.

This notice applies to Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust only and the estimated length of the contract is three (3) years with one (1) possible two (2) year extension period.

The Authority made use of the ATAMIS e-tendering Portal which can be found at (“the e-sourcing Portal”).

SCFT & ESHT: Provision of Dental Patient Management Software Service