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S10353 Apprenticeships Training & End Point Framework,April 2024 Opening


Publication date 4 April 2024, 8:18am
Closing 7 May 2024, 4:00pm
Contract location
UK - United Kingdom
Total value £1,500,000,000

This Framework was established in February 2021 to replace the previous Dynamic Purchasing System operated by Salisbury NHSFT.
This Framework operates at two levels – Level One, where any suitably qualified and eligible provider can submit details of all the apprenticeships they offer, and employers can then either direct award or, via Salisbury, conduct a further competition against their local needs. Level Two will be a smaller number of providers for a specific standard, appointed via a Further Competition, using a higher selection criteria published with each ITT.
Both levels of listing are open across all our eligible public and third sector organisations. Level Two listed providers can be selected either by employer direct award or a further competition amongst those listed.
This Requirement document covers the April 2024 opening of the Framework and constitutes Instructions to Suppliers including mandatory requirements.
All Providers must agree to the Framework terms and conditions published as part of the Invitation to Tender (ITT) – amendments to those Terms will not be made for specific providers.
Please note the final selection of providers to award for a specific requirement is a decision for employers and this Framework does not represent a spend commitment by any organisation.
Incorrectly submitted responses will be rejected and the Trust is not obliged to offer an opportunity for suppliers to resubmit correctly.
The framework opens twice a year to allow for the following :
1 – Existing providers to update their course listing (using the Excel document issued, previous framework documents will not be considered)
2 – New providers to apply to join the Framework
3 – Existing providers to advise of changes in their status, e.g. contact details or Ofsted rating, achievement rates, delivery methods etc.
4 – To allow for new standards approved by IfATE to be added to listings, or IfATE amended maximum funding bands to be reflected.
Existing providers MUST submit a response to this Opening if :
(a) The courses offered have changed since previous listing (including withdrawing programmes)
(b) The Provider did not submit a response during the April 2023 or October 23 opening (providers not doing so, and not responding to this opening, will be removed)
(c) The Provider’s Ofsted rating has changed since previous submission.

S10353 Apprenticeships Training & End Point Framework,April 2024 Opening

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