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QHM-2024-7975 CSI Portal North Area

North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care Board

Publication date 28 March 2024, 2:16pm
Contract location
UKC - North East (England)
Awarded supplier(s) Sunderland GP Alliance
Total value £203,213

Delivery of a Clinical Information and Portal System:
Population Covered
The North Area Integrated Care Partnership consisting of the following ICB Places:
– Northumberland
– North Tyneside
– Newcastle
– Gateshead
• Implementation and maintenance of the Aglio CSI Portal for the North Area Integrated Care Partnership covering Northumberland, North Tyneside, Newcastle and Gateshead Places
• Implementing the learning from the current Sunderland CSI contract in the development and implementation of the North CSI Portal. This includes the integration of clinical content across the ICB places which the provider has contracts.
• Improve patient access by signposting best practice, and locally agreed clinical responsibilities, to ensure patients are treated by the right clinician, at the right stage of their illness or condition.
• Ensure the central, coordinating, role of general practice in delivering out of hospital care by enabling primary care clinicians to easily see locally agreed national care pathways and points of referral.
• Promote self-care by providing easy access to up-to-date patient information literature.
• Encourage new working arrangements by signposting access to enhanced primary care services, community services and secondary care services in the North ICP Area.
• Improve medicines optimisation by integrating locally agreed treatment guidelines into the system. This will be aligned to both ICB, ICB area and ICB place priorities.
• Reduce unwarranted variation in referrals to secondary care.
• Align CSI portal content with PCN and ICB aims to reduce health inequality and promote wellness
• Develop directory of services to improve closer working across the ICS and ensuring learning is shared across the ICS workstream for Portals.
• Encourage the use of Advice and Guidance referrals – (this can have benefits such as improving quality and perhaps preventing unnecessary referrals and smoothing patient flow through OPD (e.g. if seen in Endocrinology and have results of ‘specialist tests’ available at first OPD apt, may prevent review apt or enable treatment to be commenced earlier))
• Establish a team to implement clinically design, sign off and implement the pathways across the North area ICP
• Work with local North area ICP clinical leads to recommend routes to increase engagement and support any content development and governance requirements
• Establish robust evaluation to drive forward the ICS agenda and developments around standardisation of pathways and service delivery.
The service plays a key role in the ability for clinicians to access up to date and accurate clinical pathways across the North Area ICP and this is part of a full review across the ICS for 2024/25. Until this review is concluded, the intention is to issue a new contract to the provider for 2024/25.

QHM-2024-7975 CSI Portal North Area

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