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Payment Exception Service

Department for Work and Pensions

Publication date 28 March 2024, 11:23am
Contract location
UK - United Kingdom

The purpose of this Prior Information Notice (PIN) is to alert potential suppliers to a future opportunity for services with specific requirements related to cash disbursement for use by some DWP customers and some other central government departments customers.
The Payment Exception Service (PES) is a DWP service, required to fulfil the Secretary of State’s obligation to ensure all customers, including those who do not have a transactional account, receive their entitlement.
The service will enable unbanked customers to receive full payment of entitlement, or other such payments as required through an alternative method of payment.
The DWP issues fluctuating amounts of payments, on reoccurring specified payment dates, with differing payment cycles, based on individual and multiple payment entitlement, as determined by departments.
The value of cash disbursement can be in excess of £40 million per month (subject to number of customers / value of payments). However this value is expected to reduce over time in line with DWP’s strategy to support financial inclusion and support customers to transition to a transactional account.
The value of this contract is subject to volume of customers and number of payments.
The DWP, alongside Other central Government Departments will use the service to ensure that customers across the United Kingdom inclusive of Northern Ireland are able to access their entitlement.
The overall objectives of the service are to ensure payments are processed and made available for customers to redeem their payment on a customer’s payment date, and if needed, provide customers with a level of support to address any queries regarding use of the service and their payments.
DWP reserves the right to suspend, withdraw or amend any intention to proceed with any procurement competition in relation to the Services identified in this section II and reserves the right not to award any contract. Any costs incurred by bidders in engaging with DWP for this opportunity and preparing and submitting bids, will be borne by the bidder.

Payment Exception Service

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