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NPCC Cybercrime Programme: Darkweb Intelligence Tool SaaS

City of London Corporation

Publication date 27 March 2024, 4:03pm
Contract location
UKI - London
Awarded supplier(s) CACI Limited
Total value £1,481,938.80

The NPCC Cybercrime Programme is the national strategic lead in policing for Cybercrime, led by Commissioner Angela McLaren of City of London Police.
The Cybercrime Programme has led in this area since 2018 and has delivered significant strategic and operational goals. In many areas, the Cybercrime Programme has delivered world leading initiatives and our approach over previous years has resulted in significant operational success, both in terms of successful criminal convictions, but also our ability to disrupt and tackle sophisticated, financially motivated cyber criminals.
The Darkweb Intelligence tool will provide an increased level of investigative capability across the wider network by providing Darkweb investigators with current data collections (eg: web scraped) from open, deep and Darkweb sources (including other sources such as leaked forums).
Provide a user friendly web based interface for the management of cases, and to access and utilise all investigative features, such as searching, tagging, reporting. This includes advanced features that enable a granular focus the data (such as timeline filtering) or the real-time monitoring of specific artefacts / keywords.

NPCC Cybercrime Programme: Darkweb Intelligence Tool SaaS

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