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NICS Provision of Security and Ancillary Services 2024

Department for Communities

Publication date 29 March 2024, 1:43pm
Contract location
UK - United Kingdom

Construction and Procurement Delivery (CPD), on behalf of the Participating Bodies listed in the Conditions of Contract are seeking to establish a Contract for the provision of Security and Ancillary Services at locations throughout Northern Ireland. Further details of the specific requirements at each premises or site are provided in the Building Specifications. This is a retender of the existing services which are due to expire on 31st August 2024. The Contractor will be required to: • engender and nurture a true spirit of partnership between the Contractor and the Client by providing a quality efficient service; • help provide a safe environment to enable the Client’s staff to effectively deliver frontline services and for customers to avail of these services; • integrate environmental considerations and social benefits throughout the Contract; • work with the Client to transform the services over the period of the Contract maximising the potential for available technology and reducing the cost of security for both parties; and • to maintain a robust programme of contract monitoring to ensure effective delivery of Services. The key objectives of the Contractor will be: • To meet the Contract’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and deliver a quality Security and Ancillary service which complies with all relevant legislation, including Working Time Directives, Security Industry Licensing, Health and Safety, specific local security requirements, Health and Safety requirements, waste management / recycling etc. • To safeguard the Client’s premises and their contents; • To enable the staff working within the premises to carry out their business functions effectively with minimum disruption; • To ensure that all services are operated in an efficient and cost effective manner; • To ensure that the Contractor’s staff are well presented, clean and tidy, polite, of good character, respectful to others, willing to help cover the required hours and comply with local / on-site policies; • To report to the nominated representative of the Client; • To implement the NICS Security Policies in line with the Security Policy Framework; • To offer continual advice to the Client on methods of introducing value for money and innovation into the delivery of Services; and • To ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.

NICS Provision of Security and Ancillary Services 2024

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