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National Fuels 3

The Minister for the Cabinet Office acting through Crown Commercial Service

Publication date 22 March 2024, 11:16am
Closing 23 April 2024, 2:00pm
Contract location
UK - United Kingdom
Lot values
Total value £2,000,000,000

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) is seeking to establish a Framework Agreement for the provision of national fuels and associated products and services. The duration of the Framework Agreement is for a four (4) year period. The Framework Agreement will be available for use by UK public sector bodies as described in the customer list.
The framework consists of the following lots:
Lot 1 – Liquid Fuel (14 Regional Sub Lots and 1 National Sub Lot)
Lot 1a Scotland North
Lot 1b Scotland West
Lot 1c Scotland Central
Lot 1d Scotland South
Lot 1e England North West
Lot 1f England North East
Lot 1g England Midlands
Lot 1h England East Anglia
Lot 1i England London and South East
Lot 1j England South
Lot 1k England South West
Lot 1l South Wales
Lot 1m North Wales
Lot 1n Northern Ireland
Lot 1o National Lot
Lot 2 – Liquid Petroleum Gas
Lot 3 – Biomass Fuels (wood chips/pellets)
Lot 4 – Associated Services
Lot 5 – Energy Bureau Services
Suppliers will be required to provide the deliverables (goods and services) set out in the specification, the full specification is set out in the invitation to tender (ITT). We are running this competition using the open procedure.

National Fuels 3

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