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LUV01227 EO Datahub Datastreams

University of Leicester

Publication date 27 March 2024, 4:05pm
Contract location
UKF21 - Leicester
Awarded supplier(s) Earth-i
Total value £916,667

This ITT is primarily intended to address the ways in which commercial satellite data providers can interface with the EODH and its users effectively by bringing some key data providers into the EODH programme. The EODH sets particular store by data quality and in data standards. For all data sets, including commercial ones made accessible through this ITT, we ask for descriptions of data quality and for lists of applicable documents for the Catalogue of Quality Information that the EODH will build. For this ITT, bidders will only need to provide quality descriptions for commercial data sets that they will provide. Finally, bidders should indicate their willingness for their data to be included in data quality exercises such as assessments of calibration quality, e.g., as undertaken in the European Space Agency Third Party Missions assessments. High quality, trustable data is important to many users.

LUV01227 EO Datahub Datastreams

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