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Green Finance Toolkit

Department for Energy Security and Net Zero

Publication date 3 April 2024, 1:44pm
Closing 8 May 2024, 12:00pm
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UK - United Kingdom
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Total value £370,000

Putting in place the conditions to align global financial flows with the Paris Agreement’s goals is a critical enabler of UK climate policy objectives, including to enable low carbon and climate resilient growth in emerging markets and developing economies (EMDEs). To achieve this, in addition to direct and indirect mobilisation of finance there is a global need for a shift in the financial system.
The UK has a number of levers to develop and implement ‘greening finance’ measures, this includes furthering our domestic policy framework, engaging in multilateral supporting voluntary standards setting initiatives, and through green finance capacity building for EMDEs. Given the pace and scale of the change needed and the globally linked nature of the financial system, it is crucial that technical assistance efforts in EMDEs and global policy initiatives move in tandem to build lasting capacity, enable market access, and ensure environmental integrity. In the 2023 Green Finance Strategy, the UK therefore committed to work with industry and country partners to develop a toolkit for optimising support for the greening of financial systems in EMDEs. This project seeks to achieve this through the development of a Green Finance Toolkit which will provide research insights and tools to support UK government processes and strategy development, including in relation to UK International Climate Finance (ICF) programming.
The Green Finance Toolkit package will include (1) an internal report to government providing lessons learned and recommendations for future specific UK interventions; (2) the development of a Diagnostic Toolkit based on report findings to support engagement with countries and the triaging and sequencing of technical assistance requests; and (3) a set of ‘how to’ guides setting out how to approach the development of a coherent green finance policy framework, incorporating learning from the UK’s approach, to be used in international engagement.
These will be HMG-owned products with (1) being an internal document; (2) being used internally and with delivery partners; and (3) being used in external communications. Our preference is for (1) and (2) to be delivered by the same supplier given the close links between the two products, though we welcome separate proposals. (3) could be developed by a separate supplier if beneficial and we would welcome proposals from consortia.

Green Finance Toolkit

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