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DLSITT1007 – Storage Ring Quadrupole Magnets

Diamond Light Source Ltd

Publication date 4 April 2024, 8:55am
Contract location
UKJ14 - Oxfordshire
Awarded supplier(s) Sigmaphi
Total value £7,435,310

Located on the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus in Oxfordshire, Diamond is a leading edge facility for science, engineering and innovation. Diamond allows researchers from
academia and industry to investigate the structure and behaviour of the world around us at the atomic and molecular level.
To continue delivering the world-changing science that Diamond enables, the facility is being upgraded. The Diamond-II Project is a co-ordinated programme of development that combines a major machine upgrade with new instruments and complementary
improvements to optics, detectors, sample environment and delivery capabilities, and computing, as well as integrated and correlative methods. This will be transformative in
speed and spatial resolution and will offer users streamlined access to enhanced instruments for life and physical sciences.
The scope of this contract is to carry out detailed design, manufacture, quality control,magnetic measurements and delivery to Diamond of a total of 447 quadrupole magnets
(including 4 pre-series magnets and 5 special types) for the Diamond-II upgrade, in accordance with the specification.

DLSITT1007 – Storage Ring Quadrupole Magnets

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