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Direct Payments Advice and Support Service

Thurrock Council

Publication date 18 February 2024, 6:43pm
Contract locations
UKH - East of England
UKH3 - Essex
UKH32 - Thurrock
UK - United Kingdom
Awarded supplier(s) Purple Zest Ltd
Total value £714,926.40

The Council’s requirement under this Contract is for the provision of Direct Payment Advice and Support service. The Council is seeking a provider that:• Has a proven record of delivering a direct payment advice and support services to a good standard, ensuring dignity and respect at all times. • Has proven experience of understanding and working with service users that are eligible for Adult Social Care services. • Has appropriately trained staff who understand the importance of personalisation and how choice and control has a positive impact on people’s lives. • Is reflective and facilitate good practice by encouraging the service users and stakeholders to give feedback, which is used to improve its service offer. • Is committed to supporting innovation and the creative use of direct payments to support users to meet their needs and aspirations.The estimated contract value given in II.1.5 is for the full six year contract period (4+1+1).

Direct Payments Advice and Support Service

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