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Digital Enhanced Housing Management


Publication date 28 March 2024, 3:03pm
Contract locations
UK - United Kingdom
UKG39 - Wolverhampton
Awarded supplier(s) Alertacall Limited
Total value £6,224,480

As an organisation Bromford are committed to providing safe and secure homes for our tenants. This includes our most vulnerable tenants housed in our Bromford schemes.
Bromford provides housing to older people and others with additional needs in both a specialist scheme-based setting and within its mainstream housing. A disproportionate lack of digital engagement and much greater levels of isolation within this group means they are one of the most difficult with whom to meet our own customer service aspirations and the expectations around two-way tenant engagement as set out by The Regulator of Social Housing.
Altertacall already provide an analogue “OK each day” service to 1299 Bromford customers in our older people’s housing, whereby customers check in each day to confirm they are not in need of assistance and positive contact is made if they fail to do so. The proposal is to upgrade this service to a digital option utilising a touchscreen device and roll it out to a further 1267 supported customers, as well as offering it to a further 508 general needs customers aged over 80 in the South Gloucestershire area.
The contract will deliver the following:
• The installation of a touch screen device in each property to enable the Housing Proactive Plus service.
• Offer of the OK each day service to monitor the wellbeing of customers.
• Ability to directly message customers via the touch screen.
• Ability for customers to message Bromford via the touch screen, messages can be directed into existing contact channels.
• Ability for customers to raise repairs via the device, repairs requests will be channelled into existing workstreams (i.e. email).

Digital Enhanced Housing Management

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