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CP2455-23 Devon Maintenance Panel Agreement 2024-2028

Devon County Council

Publication date 8 March 2024, 6:52pm
Closing 12 April 2024, 11:00am
Contract locations
UKK43 - Devon CC
UKK23 - Somerset
Total value £20,000,000

The Devon Maintenance Panel Agreement (MPA) 2020 – 2024 Framework is to come to an end in March 2024 and DCC intends to re-procure the Framework Agreement. The MPA is to provide property maintenance works of up to £25,000 in value per occurrence to premises within the Authority and partner organisations. However, it should be noted that in the majority of situations that it will only be utilised for projects of up to £5,000 and projects between £5,001 and £25,000 will be by exception for most users. The range of services the Authority wish to obtain via the framework agreement is intended to cover the vast majority of building services in relation to minor maintenance used by the Authority. Devon County Council (DCC) has a significant property estate which comprises many buildings located throughout the geographic area of Devon. The MPA will operate in each of 10 geographical sub areas within Devon. In each of these geographical areas a panel of up to a maximum of 15 contractors per Lot is required for each of the following work categories/lots :
Lot 1 – General Building Services
Lot 2 – Electrical Services
Lot 3 – Heating/Mechanical Services
Lot 4 – Plumbing Services
Lot 5 – Windows/Doors Services
Lot 6 – Roofing Services
Lot 7 – Underground Drain Services
Lot 8 – Portable Appliance Testing*
*Only 5 contractors will be appointed in each of the 10 Devon sub areas for Lot 8 Portable Appliance Testing.
Contractors may submit a bid for more than one lot and more than one geographical sub area.
* See Section VI.3. Additional information

CP2455-23 Devon Maintenance Panel Agreement 2024-2028

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