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Aluminium Windows and Doors

LHC Procurement Group

Publication date 4 April 2024, 9:47pm
Contract locations
UKI74 - Harrow and Hillingdon
UKC - North East (England)
Awarded supplier(s) 3 D ALUMINIUM PLAS LIMITED
Total value £40,000,000

This framework covers the geographical area of England and has been procured on behalf of:
Consortium Procurement Construction (CPC)
LHC London and South East (LSE)
South-West Procurement Alliance (SWPA)
LHC has also awarded this framework in Wales on behalf of our other regional entities:
Welsh Procurement Alliance (WPA).
The new Framework replaces our previously successful Aluminium Windows & Doors Framework. This Framework is now in its 8th iteration and builds on the strengths of our existing product; providing our clients with access to appointed companies capable of supplying and installing aluminium windows & doors.

Aluminium Windows and Doors

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