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Michael Lee – BWL Group’s CEO

Michael Lee – BWL Group’s CEO

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Meet Michael Lee, the driving force behind BWL Group as CEO and co-founder. From early morning jogging to strategic meetings, Michael exemplifies how balancing professional dedication with personal fulfilment leads to true success.

By Lisa Reece, Senior Bid Consultant at BWL Group


It’s easy to forget that behind the scenes of our marketing and social media posts, there is a team of hardworking individuals who support the success of BWL Group. In 2024, we’ll be releasing monthly ‘spotlight’ profiles so you can put faces to names and see what our working days look like.

This month you’ll meet Michael Lee, the driving force behind BWL Group as CEO and co-founder. From early morning jogs to strategic meetings, Michael’s day is a blend of rigorous planning and dynamic leadership. His dedication to fostering growth, both within the team and for clients, shapes every decision and interaction. With a keen focus on bid management principles and an approachable leadership style, Michael exemplifies how balancing professional dedication with personal fulfilment leads to true success.

How long have you worked at BWL Group?

As a founding member of BWL, I started in 2016 as a director before the Company separated into a group. I became managing director of BWL Professional Bid Services Ltd until 2022 when I commenced the transition into the role of CEO of the group.

Can you describe your role within the Professional Bid Services team at BWL Group?

I provide strategic and operational direction to the business, as well as contribute to innovations within the business. In addition to the business needs and requirements, I support a range of clients in a bid director capacity.

How do you start your day, and how does it set the tone for what follows?

My day starts with a jog or walking my dog around my housing estate. I like a cold shower where I like to spend more than the normal amount of time on skincare. I have a son with ADHD and another with ASD, so mornings can be off to an energetic start. I take my youngest son to breakfast club before driving to Darlington to start the workday.

My Spotify tells me I like rock hits on a morning, which helps with a little motivation before entering the head office at Lingfield House.

What is on your agenda for today?

I have just finished our Monday morning team call where I provide an update to staff on scheduled work and successes alongside Sean our Commercial Business Director.

I’m currently completing a Red Review on responses produced by a Tier 1 Contractor for a bid into Sellafield.

Later, I have a catch-up meeting with a client to discuss their future bid requirements, and then I have an introduction meeting for another bid I’m due to begin.

What tools or processes/approaches do you rely on most in your day-to-day work?

As a bid professional, my career revolves around applying APM Proposal Management and APM Project Management to business direction and the tenders we work on. Using these approaches I start from the end result / outcome and work backwards. Everything is achievable if you break activities down and calculate the required time.

How do you best lead and collaborate with your staff given your locations?

As staff are located across the North, Midlands, and South, the best means of collaboration with the team is through Microsoft Teams. It allows for group meetings and regular catch-ups when working on a bid and also to update on the business.

In terms of leading, we have a series of regular whole-group team calls and management meetings, and my management team have regular one-to-one sessions with their direct reports. All employees are free to call for advice, however, our structure provides a really effective means of care and communication for employees through our managers.

We try to get together in person as often as we can, and we have an annual Town Hall and Christmas get-together booked each year.

How do you balance work with home life?

I have an extremely understanding and loving wife behind the scenes. It is a constant juggling act. When I was a younger man, I thought getting into work first and being last created respect. As years went on, I realised what was important, and that was making the time to take my children to school, to pick them up, and to start taking term time off as a family.

Can you share a recent success story or a project you’re particularly proud of?

Our whole ethos is about growing businesses and helping clients be more successful. In 2023 we started working with the Doocey Group bidding on a civils contract. We worked well with the team to develop the submission by working with their subject matter experts and drawing out the key aspects of the client’s pain points. Resultingly, we secured them an additional Lot on the contract, expanding the size of their contract and excelling their growth significantly.

What do you find most rewarding about working in bidding?

Understanding how everything links, from the terms and conditions through to the ISO systems. Once you know how they work, it becomes a pleasure to develop a solution against the client requirements.

What is your favourite thing to do outside of work?

I spend time with my wife and kids, play golf in random locations around the world, and watch a good drama when there’s time.


You can read more about Michael’s professional experience on our website here.

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