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Bid Training Services

Building on the years of experience accrued by our in-house bid experts and industry best practice, BWL delivers effective bid training services which includes bid management and bid writing courses.

BWL’s Bid Training Services help you improve your ability to manage and write tender submissions effectively. Training through bid management and bid writing courses includes workshops with practical tasks and reviews of past and current bid submissions to encourage team-wide participation.

The content of our Bid Training Services can be tailored to the specific requirements of your business, focusing on specific skills and bridging knowledge gaps. Our bid management and bid writing courses cover all aspects of the bidding process, including:

  • Storyboarding
  • Crafting high-scoring responses
  • Presenting responses
  • Understanding the bidding process
  • Bid selection
  • Bid documentation review
  • Understanding compliance
  • Adding value
  • Time management

Available online or in a classroom setting, our bid management and bid writing courses suit all levels of experience and industry sectors. Contact us to discuss our Bid Training Services and how we can support you.

White man sitting at desk with laptop and white woman delivering bid training from paper chart.