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Bid Recruitment Services

BWL’s Bid Recruitment Services supports you with bid writer recruitment and bid manager recruitment, no matter the sector or level.

We believe that finding the right candidate for your bid team requires a tailored approach, which is why we offer a headhunting service that targets professionals with the exact skills and experience you need.

We offer:

  • bid writer recruitment
  • bid manager recruitment

BWL’s experience in bidding means we have a genuine interest and knowledge of what it takes to manage and write bids successfully. Having supported small, medium and large proposals in many industries, we know the essential experiences and skills to look for.

We deliver our Bid Recruitment Services using our tried and tested in-house process. We design bespoke bid writer recruitment and bid manager recruitment assessments for prospective candidates to complete, enabling us to determine the level of competency, sector knowledge, and writing style and ability each person has; this ensures we only progress suitable candidates.

For each bid writer recruitment and bid manager recruitment practical response, our team thoroughly review the submission to provide feedback and advise on the next steps. Our approach is designed to mitigate the stress and time-consuming element of recruitment and to help you find high-calibre bid professionals.

Our Bid Recruitment Services comprise:

  • Headhunting candidates – we headhunt a range of bid writers, senior bid writers, bid managers, and bid directors
  • Writing job advertisements – we develop a variety of adverts designed to attract the best talent
  • Pre-screening candidates – candidates have a first interview with a Senior Bid Manager and Bid Director
  • Bid practical development – we create bid practicals that test candidates against set criteria
  • Bid practical assessment – candidates are tested for plagiarism, use of Ai, contextual spelling, sentence style, and structure
  • Setting up and facilitating interviews – we attend and facilitate interviews to ensure directors and hiring managers have support with choice questions against relevant subject areas
  • Onboarding support – following an internal induction, we provide bespoke training to ensure any gaps in subject area knowledge are filled. Our courses range from bid process and storyboarding to terms and conditions, the design process, and CDM2015.

Contact us for more details on how our Bid Recruitment Services can support your business.

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