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Bid Design Services

Our bid design services support compelling responses to engage evaluators through infographics, proposal templates, and information design.

Our in-house bid design services team develops a range of documents to enhance your bid responses, including:

  • Response and proposal templates – produced to align with your business brand or as a fully bespoke bid design to complement your response and proposed solution.
  • Organisation charts – produced to align with your proposal templates covering your company/organisation and contract management structures; this is one of the most requested pieces of supporting information in tendering.
  • Case studies – designed in line with your proposal templates to illustrate your experience, technical knowledge, and resource capability – with highlighted deliverables and achievements.
  • CVs – consistently designed to convey key roles, skills and experience across your team; this is one of the most important supporting documents in tendering.
  • Infographics – designed to simplify complex information for quick interpretation and convey your themes and messages; infographics are bespoke for each client.
  • MS Project programmes – developed to display an easy-to-read logical programme, illustrating all tasks, activities, and deliverables in line with the contract specification.
  • Policy and procedural documents – produced to increase the professional and cohesive appearance of your policies and supporting information, adding confidence to your bid.
  • Capability brochure – developed and designed to summarise your capability and experience concisely with narrative and infographics -generally used in RFIs and other pre-tender exercises.

If you’d like to discuss how we can support you with bid design services, contact us or request a callback; one of our bid design services team members will guide you through the process.

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