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Dispute Management

BWL supports clients with claims and Dispute Management services that offer expert professional services to reach outcomes that all parties agree with.

We provide specialist and cost-effective Dispute Management services within the construction industry.

Our Dispute Management Services have key advantages including:

  • Timely Settlement – Quickly and efficiently resolving disputes in the shortest time possible.
  • Cost Effective – Competitive rates compared to formal means of dispute resolution.
  • Confidentiality – Disputes are managed in a confidential environment meaning that good working relationships with other parties can be maintained.


Disputes frequently arise between Employers, their Main Contractors, and their Sub-Contractors. This is often due to misunderstanding about risk allocation and eventuates in claims regarding variations, delays, defects, and other matters.

We provide expert information and advice on these issues and help guide you through a negotiation, mediation, or adjudication process, suited to the matters in issue and which will achieve the desired outcome.

Our forward-thinking approach to delivering professional services means that our Quantity Surveyors and Commercial Managers review all relevant documentation, to detect areas of potential and active conflict. In this way, we help resolve controversial issues and work proactively to avoid disputes before they take hold.

When a dispute does arise, our dispute management team offers unbiased, practical services that produce compelling arguments, to resolve contentious matters. Where necessary, we utilise our legal colleagues to provide a team to address technical, commercial, and legal issues as a single service.