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BWL’s Quantity Surveyors get project ‘back on track’

BWL’s Quantity Surveyors get project ‘back on track’

Our Construction Consultancy team is currently working with one of our clients on its first construction project in South London – helping them to get back on track. In this Case Study we outline how our expert team is supporting our client through several challenges by acting as the Employer’s Agent.

Client: Albion Grove Limited

Contractor: Gravitas Contracts Limited

Estimated Project Value: £1.58m

Estimated Project Duration: 10 months (Completion due May 2023)

Scope of Services: Albion Grove is delivering a Design and Build contract at South Worple Way in South West London. The works consist of the construction of five, new, detached high-end residential properties with associated groundworks and landscaping. To prepare the site, it was necessary first to demolish a bank of 30 garages.


Challenges and Solutions

Ground Conditions

Notwithstanding the fact that the entire site is almost covered by concrete slabs, the site contains considerable made ground. As the site is next to a railway line, the design of the foundations has to accommodate the impacts of vibration. This is achieved through the introduction of anti-vibration mountings placed on top of the foundations and upon which the structure of the houses rest. BWL worked with Albion Grove and Gravitas Contracts to examine alternative designs for the foundations before selecting the preferred solution. One alternative considered was the lining of the foundation trench with an isolating lining. Whilst this would ultimately have made the construction of the footings easier, the additional costs of the solution rendered it uneconomic.

Railway Line

A second challenge was constructing work adjacent to the railway line itself. No boundary line had been established which caused a level of ambiguity. Following consultation between Network Rail, the consulting engineer, Gravitas Contracts, Albion Grove, and BWL, a method statement was produced that would enable Network Rail to safeguard the railway from the site (and vice versa). The solution that was adopted was to remove the back wall of one of the garages and identify the site boundary which would then enable Network Rail to construct its fence to separate the railway from the site works.

As the Employer’s Agent, BWL assisted in the resolution of these issues through efficient and proactive management of relationships between all project stakeholders. This has enabled us to identify and overcome issues with design changes and unforeseen events, and the resolution of these issues has enabled Gravitas Contracts to proceed with the works without major disruption to the programme.

Our Senior Quantity Surveyor, Francesca Nottingham, has worked hard to accommodate these changes whilst aiming to remain within Albion Grove’s budget. She has been guiding Albion Grove through all proposed changes, advising where cost savings can be achieved and the process for approving such changes.


Added Value

Francesca has also provided in-depth and detailed advice on all aspects of the project in addition to the Employer’s Agent duties. For example, Francesca has been advising Albion Grove on the technical meaning of specific contract clauses in the contract documentation.

Francesca’s dedication has ensured Albion Grove fully understands the requirements of each project stage. Philip Haines, Director of Albion Grove, commented that “Francesca is doing a fantastic job since we started to work together”. Philip has also sent BWL details of potential future projects that our team can assist with.

Francesca is currently managing the relationship with the project’s allocated Independent Monitoring Surveyor (IMS) by attending monthly site visits to review and understand project risks and how these can be mitigated.

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