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BWL Professional Bid Services supports a three-way Joint Venture

BWL Professional Bid Services supports a three-way Joint Venture

Earlier this year, BWL Professional Bid Services embarked on a journey with a three-way Joint Venture (JV) for a major river crossing project, valued in excess of £4 billion.

The project and bid brought together experts from the three main contractors to develop a technical and environmentally driven tender submission. We appointed two writers to support the JV in the development of the bid, working through complex topics such as modern construction methods, integrated project management and technically complex solutions. We also appointed an additional Bid Consultant to develop a range of high-level CVs to support the submission.

Following our introduction to the project, we began analysing the terms and conditions, scope, and specification to understand the employer’s needs. This allowed us to develop a series of storyboards/answer plans and work with a team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from each main contractor to capture technical information, challenge the solution, and draw out the benefits from the JV’s experience.

Once we were confident that the answer plans aligned the client’s needs and the JV’s solution, we began to develop written responses. Over a period of 6-months, we worked closely with SMEs and Senior Managers from the JV to refine each response, taking part in a series of formal colour reviews and workshops to gather the required information, evidence, and graphics.

One of the challenges faced was the development of an outline digital strategy. While the client had prescribed a series of systems they needed, their goal was to digitalise processes, site work, data capture, and reporting as much as possible. With three strong organisations with robust digital capabilities, BWL worked with the JV to develop a joined-up solution that leant on the strengths of each company.

Our Professional Bid Services team continues to work with the JV on the next stages of the bid, including supporting the development of competitive dialogue submissions at regular intervals.

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