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BWL Construction Consultants support Albion Grove Ltd with new-build development

BWL Construction Consultants support Albion Grove Ltd with new-build development

The South Worple Way development is the construction of 5no new homes in place of 27 demolished garages in South West London. The homes will comprise of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and some outdoor space, with very close proximity to local amenities and a frequently used train station. The construction and finish specifications for the properties is very high quality, and includes provisions for external electricity outlets for electric cars and PV panels for renewable energy efficiency.

BWL Construction Consultancy was appointed as Employer’s Agent on this project by our Client Albion Grove Ltd in May 2022. We were appointed from the outset and quickly developed a cost plan for the Client, we facilitated the contract and recommended a suitable contractor for the enabling and construction works. The site was located adjacent to a railway and therefore a site boundary line was required to be established to commence and progress with work. Network Rail had been contacted initially by the Client, but they were unresponsive to the Client’s requests. Realising this could lead to significant delays, we supported the process by coordinating the project team to work with Network Rail directly and ensured that they responded and arranged for the site boundary to be plotted as soon as possible. Our input allowed the Client to focus on other activities and meant that the project did not suffer from a potentially significant delay.

We also assisted with the development of the design of the project and gave advice on value engineering for the drainage scheme that would deliver a very high standard and adequate system, but at a much lower cost. Another issue faced on the project was the sudden increase in cost of building and construction materials. To mitigate this, we secured items and placed deposits with suppliers to ensure the cost of the materials would be honoured in the future. We also purchased materials where suitable and in line the programme and stored them offsite until they were required to ensure that we secured at a lower cost.

We have been involved since the beginning of this project and have an excellent relationship with the entire Client’s project team, including their Designers and the Construction Contractor. We attend regular meetings to review progress and provide updates on key issues, as well as delivering frequent cost reports to the Client, demonstrating our commercial management and risk mitigation for the benefit of the project and all stakeholders.