Bid Writing Services

We employ a team of experienced Bid Consultants that act as a dedicated bid writing resource for clients tendering for projects, contracts and frameworks.

Bid writing services

Following an initial discussion of your opportunity, company, and specification information, BWL assigns an experienced Bid Consultant to act as a dedicated bid writer with previous experience of the Employer, contract terms and industry.

Our Bid Consultants will ask questions to understand the terms of the contract, the specification, any PCI requirements, the scoring criteria and question weightings. We limit the amount of work placed upon your internal resources by extracting the information we require during planned video calls or meetings.

Each Bid Consultant has been trained to push responses beyond the competition; drawing out the benefits, solutions, and removing any element of doubt throughout a response. We also use a range of phycological techniques to align the terminology to the key decision-makers to ensure each response gives confidence.

Once each response has been developed, we complete a series of internal compliance checks to ensure the narrative meets and exceeds the requirements of the Employer. The client is then presented with a final draft of each response to review before a final/clean copy of the work is produced or submitted upon request.

Sectors we operate in

We develop responses across a wide range of sectors, some of which include:

Civil engineering
Facilities management
Large projects
Public sector
Asbestos management

To discuss an opportunity or our bid writing services with an experienced Bid Consultant, please call us on 0333 358 3603, or email us at

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