At BWL Consulting, we are passionate about producing quality illustrations that support the information provided within each bid or proposal – we design a variety of charts, maps and data illustrations that translate information into beautiful imagery.

Proposal infographics have rapidly become one of the best forms of visual representation of information, with organisations from both the public and private sectors utilising this form of information communication.

It is common knowledge that around 80% of a tender submission is never read. BWL Consulting provides a service whereby heavy data or narrative sections can be completely replaced with proposal infographics which are more efficient for the human visual system to understand.

Our team create a range of illustrations for elements such as:

  • Cost saving graphics
  • Reports
  • Contract management and KPIs
  • Resource charts
  • Processes
  • Delivery methodologies
  • Communication
  • CV infographics

To find out more about the infographic design services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us and a member of our team will discuss your requirements with you in further detail.