Organisational charts and structures are extremely important as they provide an easy to understand illustration that describes the role, relationship and hierarchy of the proposed tenderer. They can provide the employer with confidence or give an element of doubt over the competency of the tenderer.

A professionally designed organisational chart will add confidence when used to support a bid – demonstrating points of contact and the relationship between our client and their customer.

If you have a low-value quotation or tender, a basic organisational chart can be developed for free using a software suite such as Microsoft Office. MS PowerPoint can be a useful tool to produce a quick structure, however, the software is restricted to showing only a vertical relationship and does not account for a customer.

Some of the common types of charts and structures the team at BWL develop include:

  • Organisational charts
  • Project team structure
  • Mobilisation team structure
  • Delivery team structure
  • Health and safety team structure
  • Ownership structure and parent organisations
  • IT team structure
  • Bwl Org Chart 2

If you would like further information regarding our organisational charts to support bids, then please contact us and a member of our team will discuss your requirements in detail.