BWL Consulting can add confidence to your tender submission by ensuring you have a clear programme stating any hold points, key milestones, and the critical path of the delivery tasks.

Following the completion of a mobilisation/implementation plan, an employer will require a programme of works or schedule to demonstrate how you will deliver the contract/project.

BWL Consulting can develop a programme of works to contain detailed resource information, including day rates and working hours to calculate the total cost of delivery. All programme of works are aligned to the employer’s specific timeline should any assumptions be made on specific start dates during the tender process.

BWL Consulting has two services to support clients with the development of a schedule of work or programme, these include:

  • Service 1 – BWL receives all project tasks and timelines before developing the information into a fully logic linked programme of works;
  • Service 2 – BWL assists client staff to develop the required tasks and timelines before the production of the programme of works.

There are a number of reasons why submitting a programme of works will benefit a tender return, some of which include:

  • Costs – a resource loaded programme will allow a PM to calculate the total overhead costs;
  • Tender sum – by understanding the total resources required for a contract or project, clients can carry out a quick assessment of the final margin and profitability;
  • Obligations – a good programme will demonstrate to the employer that our client understands the obligations that they must fulfil. Likewise, a good programme can provide you with security if a client understands their obligations such as access to site timings and information sharing

If you would like further information regarding our programme development services, then please contact us and a member of our team will discuss your requirements in detail.