A tenderer will often place a lot of focus demonstrating technical information with little time to draw out the right information to ensure a high score. At BWL Consulting, the professional bid team are trained to assess the specification requirements and develop case studies that will provide the employer with confidence that the client can deliver the requirements.

The case study design is sometimes more important than the information provided. 80% of a tender is never read, so it is extremely important to set the structure for the information provided.

At BWL Consulting, we manipulate the perception of information using a professional design with specific colour schemes. If you wonder what difference this makes; look out your window on a sunny day, and the same again on a rainy day. The two provoke a very different emotion from what is essentially a change of colour.

Our approach to design and development includes:

  • Document facts
  • Review of the scoring mechanism for experience
  • Review of the employer’s specification for goals, objectives and requirements
  • Ensure the project/contract value and time period is compliant
  • Providing a consistent case study design that is clean, modern and professional
  • Assessment of products, assets, materials, manufacturers, training, contract management, delivery, problems, solutions, efficiencies, added value and more
  • Development of case study structure, content and information provided
  • Feedback, review and amendments

If you would like further information regarding our case study design services, then please contact us and a member of our team will discuss your requirements in details.