The bid writers at BWL Consulting develop and tailor bid documents to illustrate competency and professionalism, score additional marks, and instil greater confidence in your delivery ability.

Some of the documents we regularly develop include:

  • MS Project plans – We develop fully logical linked programmes to illustrate the tasks and activities you will carry out to deliver your contract or project.
  • Case studies – BWL Consulting produce professional case studies that are designed to score additional marks through the correct demonstration of your contract/project management activities.
  • Policy design – Policies are another opportunity to add confidence through the professional appearance of your supporting information.
  • CVs for tenders – CVs can be one of the most important supporting documents you submit. It is key to ensure consistency with both your brand and the information contained within each CV.
  • Proposal template – BWL can produce a variety of sector focussed designs or, a bespoke design which compliments your solution.
  • Infographics – Around 80% of a submitted bid or tender is never read – BWL produces unique infographics that convey both your win theme and make your complex bid easier to skim read and understand.
  • Capability document – Capability documents are often produced prior to a tender exercise. These documents offer a brief overview to the client which quite often allows organisations to tender as a result.
  • Organisational charts – BWL can support you by preparing a range of both contract and project structures to support your bid.
  • Freedom of Information requests – BWL requests complete copies of responses, programmes and solutions to give you a competitive advantage.

If you would like further information regarding our bid support services, then please contact us and a member of our team will discuss your requirements in detail.